I am not re-adding starches back into my diet. The theorized disease path for starch is different than the substances identified by the LRA test.

So starch has a disease path like this:

1) Starch enters digestive system.
2) From the digestive track bacteria consumes the starch creating growth
3) Bacterial shells enter the blood stream through the intestine walls
4) Immune system reacts to bacterial shells in blood stream, producing damaging antibodies.
5) Inflammation and cell death and damage ensues

In this model starch never enters the blood stream.

The substances in the LRA would have a disease path like this:

1) Apple enters digestive system.
2) Apple chemicals enter blood stream.
3) Immune system reacts to apple in blood stream, producing broad spectrum of antibodies including damaging antibodies.
4) Inflammation and cell death and damage ensues

So in short, I don't think the LRA can tell you if it is safe to eat starch. I think it can only tell you what food your immune system reacts to directly. Indirect retractions would now show up in the test results