I would like to share my experience with having an LRA test done. I don't see it discussed here so I thought I would add my experience so others may be informed.

Recently I had a referral to a doctor for PRP therapy on my right knee. The doctor runs a "Regenerative Medicine" practice and wanted to run a series of tests before he would agree to the PRP therapy. I was fine with that as I always like having more information.

One of the tests was the "Lymphocyte Response Assay". This test revealed some interesting finds. It showed that my immune system reacted to 14 common foods and environmental factors. Two of witch I recognized as problem foods from prior experience. I have since removed the 14 items from my diet and environment and have not had a flare up.

Next week I am having blood drawn for a more comprehensive version of the LRA test to determine if there are more foods that I may react to.

Now this isn't cheap. My medical insurance does not cover "Regenerative Medicine" so I pay out of pocket. The cost of my medical tests have passed to $2K mark. However stopping flareups which have been ruining my vision and destroying my joints makes it quite worth it.

I'm not advocating you run out and run up a huge bill on medical test. I just want to share my experience with the LRA and it seems to be the only valuable medical test I have had done in decades.