so last year I decided to do biologic because my AS was spiraling (went off work on disability - not great) and first they wanted Stelera which caused crazy skin issues, like when the sun touched me my skin looked like hickies - and no disease improvement
At all - zero.

Switched to Humira and had an amazing improvement really fast, like by dose 3 90% improvement. But then i switched to the non painful one ( everyone keeps saying it’s the same but it’s not ) and I swear my body just crashed. Went to ER a few times, was ignored because most of medical community has zero idea what to do with biologics. They aren’t used much outside of big cities and older med school grads haven’t kept up so all I got was blank stares in the suburbs. I passed out once, was getting awful dizzy episodes, couldn’t walk the steps or bend over without getting really disoriented, felt like someone was turning my body off. Did a bunch a test apparently my blood pressure was crazy high but would randomly plummet. Caught it on a tilt test - thank God Drs can see it’s real because were testing me for drugs and telling me I was having panic attacks. Nope to both, not a nervous sort and I don’t even drink. Put me on BP medicine but it was making my pain worse. Anyway, some of my blood work has been weird too so I’m getting an adrenal MRI. just sharing because I couldn’t find anything out there if people having complications, or bad aftershocks of treatment so now if it happens to someone at least there is me saying, yep, it’s not all rainbows. Right now I’m on nothing, even afraid of Tylenol and just waiting to see what is found in the MRI.

I think there is something up with that pain free citrate free version, if I could go back I’d just suck it up with the shot.

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