Hello folks, I am new to the group. I dont yet have a confirmed AS diagnosis yet as I am waiting to see a rheumatologist (insane wait times in my state) but xrays do show mild sclerosis of both SI joints that could be an early change of sacroiliitis. I and have low back pain > 3 months + upper back pain for the last few weeks in the morning. HLA B27 is negative and CRP levels are normal but I know these can be misleading. It all started when I was playing with my son and twisted my pelvis 4 months ago. It didnt hurt much so I ignored it and continued with regular activities like football, running etc. Then during an exercise routine I suddenly went into a spasm all over my hips and back. Spasms have gone away in ~ 1.4 months with massage and chiropractor but I have low back pain when I stand more than 20 minutes. Resting is OK. Low back pain responds very well to NSAIDs.

My biggest concern though is that I have noticed that my upper back hurts a lot in the morning. Pain is much more when I sleep flat on my back, almost feels like someone punched me in the back when I wakeup. Its horrible! If I sleep sideways the upper back pain is much better. I am not sure if the upper back pain is because of sleep posture or because of possible AS. Has anyone experienced this? Are there any tips to reduce this? Any suggestions or advice? I have no one in my friends circle or family who has arthritis or AS so I cant get any useful tips/advice

Thanks a lot!