Hi all
After being on Enbrel and briefly Humera for 16 years I’ve decided to stop. I’ve posted about this in the main forum but few replied and I thought this point may have been missed, as my post is titled “Cancer”. I am 55 and I got tongue cancer and my doctors thought being on a biologic and suppressing my immune system on top of others things could have played a role. So I have been off for five months now, and in general my back is ok. Peripheral joints are not, and I get recurring bouts of tendonitis and bursitis in my feet and knees.
My cancer was caught and I’ve finished radiation. I’ve lost weight, have been vegetarian and am hoping to join a gym although I’m very fatigued right now. I’m wondering if anyone else has had to stop biologics? I was bummed as it changed my life for the better pain wise. I went from bed ridden at times to climbing stairs with ease. I did get infections a lot for which I’ve taken tons of antibiotics. Now I am fearful that I face future flare ups. I’ve had no starch diet success before biologics, and will stay veggie, it lessened the severity of flares and I will also be looking at supplements again. My rheumy had no answer for what to do. He’s new to me and I may have to find another.
Peace, you all Rock
Linc O'Brien