The spooky 2 calcification frequency shows as 326 with a 50% duty cycle so this could well answer - whilst making R2 or part of R2 variable so to be able to drift a little.

50% Duty Cycle Astable Oscillator

The 555 oscillator now produces a 50% duty cycle as the timing capacitor, C1 is now charging and discharging through the same resistor, R2 rather than discharging through the timers discharge pin 7 as before. When the output from the 555 oscillator is HIGH, the capacitor charges up through R2 and when the output is LOW, it discharges through R2. Resistor R1 is used to ensure that the capacitor charges up fully to the same value as the supply voltage.

However, as the capacitor charges and discharges through the same resistor, the above equation for the output frequency of oscillations has to be modified a little to reflect this circuit change. Then the new equation for the 50% Astable 555 Oscillator is given as:

50% Duty Cycle Frequency Equation

Note that resistor R1 needs to be sufficiently high enough to ensure it does not interfere with the charging of the capacitor to produce the required 50% duty cycle. Also changing the value of the timing capacitor, C1 changes the oscillation frequency of the astable circuit.