Hi, sexyAS
One big difference between the Chinese traditional medicine and the western medicine is that the prescription is different according the symptom of patients. For example one ASer suffers hip joint pain but one another with spine pain. And ankylosing spondylitis is a chronic disease with long term progress. In different phase different therapeutic method is selected. Maybe you are lucky the branded pills which you studied is just fit for you. But do not believe that one kind of pill will fit all of the ASers. In Chinese medicine viewer by most Chinese traditional doctors the real cause of the AS is the weakness of the kidney and energy flow of spine (Du channel). So most the effective pills include the herb whose function is to restore and speed up the blood, oxygen nutrition etc through the spine which is key of the biggest energy and controlling channel in our body.

About the success of the choices. In my opinion is not just focus the HLA-B27 is positive of negative. The real feeling of the body is more important, such as having a nicer sleep or walking at brisker pace. And in the recovery procedure may cause more pain, such as old fused joint become loose. But whole progress is towards to feeling better.

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