Where do people usually detect pain first when eating an unsafe food? I'm having trouble tracking down what's affecting me. From what I gather, I will feel it in my mid lower back and then it will travel down to the tail bone and pelvic region over the next few days. It seems like it just sort of builds up over a few days, rather than me being able to sense a meal a few hours later. Also, for me I notice it takes 3-5 days to rid my system of whatever caused it inflammation. What's your timeline? Thanks:)
Diagnosed with AS 2018, MRI Sacroiliac joint: HLB27 +: uveitis
Peripheral (hands, jaw, knees)
LSD - 2018, NSD - 2019, AIP June 2018

Some nuts (not me, what I eat)
No dairy
Some egg
Some low carb fruit

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