I lose a lot of sleep because of headaches that start about four hours after going to bed. They start at the base of my head. A homedics massager with two knobs that press in has helped a lot, but it requires help from another person. My husband purchased a massage chair for me for Christmas from BJ's that has rollers right at the base of my head. It has been great, so I thought I would share in case there are others with these kinds of headaches. He got a deal for the chair on Black Friday; otherwise, it would have been quite expensive, so you might want to wait for a deal. This is the model http://esmartpro.com/massage-chairs/lc3100-ultimate-massage-chair/ This was the Black Friday deal https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/bjs-wholesale-club-black-friday/page-9#ad_view