Hello, GeorgeHolland10:

I did a similar experiment about 20 years ago, using ESR which in my case was highly indicative of AS activity.

By then I had done several courses of antibiotics, in combination with NSD but I wanted to essentially characterize the corners of my operating window.

It is very difficult to be certain that what we are measuring is a system under "normal" conditions because our gut environment is so dynamic, but in general and over the long-term, we can get some measure of confidence in our numbers.

Looking at the ESR trend lines in Ebringer's "Etiopathogenesis..." paper there were 37 lines and 34 of these down, one flat and two "wrong-way" sloping. It is odd there were no interim tests, but the instructions to the patients were "eliminate dietary starches to an extent You are able and still feel comfortable with diet, overall."

One of the wrong-way subjects had a son, who was also a patient at the clinic, and said "...dad has a potato at every dinner--says it is not really a meal without it."

Naturally, we are not going to ruin our own experiments, but this demonstrates the difficulty with testing diet, in general.

My results were very supportive of diet and as a vegetarian I had an average ESR running about 44. Once I changed my diet, I got down to 23 and when eating starches it climbed to 29 where pains began once again in this range. During that time, diet was strongly linked to ESR (I could get this test on-demand in Philippines where I was staying several months and they had just opened up a pizza place in my city of San Fernando La Union).

After many cycles on my ABX protocol now, my ESR remains between 1 and 5 and is totally independent of diet.

My explanation for this is that I cleared out my SIBO, which was a primary factor in disease severity. Diet alone cannot achieve this, IMHO.

Good Luck with Your experiment and I hope that You do not hurt Yourself too much!

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