The failed experiments in modern medicine have taught a lot. Sadly it came at a lot of suffering.

BTW: I might have over-done the frankincense last night -- I directly rubbed about four drops into the back of the scalp, four in the back of the neck, four on an arm and four across the shoulder blades. These are areas I feel that bartonella and other microbes have colonized my body the most. Actually most damage seems to be in the hands and legs but they bother me the least since the spine is more sensitive and I have to sleep on the spine. As I repeatedly awoke all through the night I felt those specific areas increase with deep burning and pain. It may be premature to conclude that they were localized Herxheimer reactions but I will repeat that experiment to find out.

I guess that I overdid the frankincense because earlier in the day I saw my GP and he refused to prescribe minocycline and rifampin for bartonella based on a clinical diagnosis; he rejected advanced testing from Germany -- only trusts Canadian tests from the lowest bidder in USA. The frankincense binge was like "hitting the bottle."

I have no evidence of spinal fusion, etc., but I have an underlying inflammatory process that I think is infection based, and based on a loss of tolerance to my microbiome. Gut infections from long-term NSAID use likely caused LGS resulting in loss of microbiome tolerance and hence autoinflammation. Luckily I do not have the genetics to replace enthesis with bone.

Bartonella, Klebs, Blastocystis hominis, et-al are causing a lot of diseases in which the cause is "unknown."

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