Many of you have used olive and oregano oil as dietary supplements to combat gastrointestinal infections.

I have started applying frankincense to areas of my body where bursitis and stiffness is the worst: three to four drops in my palm then I rub it into the back of my neck or shoulder blade, etc. Some of these oils may be so fine that they quickly absorb into the body and act as mild antimicrobials, anti-inflammatory, etc.

There are medicines that are absorbed through skin patches instead of the gut since the acids and enzymes in the gut destroy the medicines; and so does the liver. Perhaps using the skin can be more effective for a systemic effect instead of eating the oils. If it works slow but subtly over time with less damage than phamaceuticals then I am sure that Big Pharma will get the FDA to try to class neutraceuticals and essential oils as pharmaceuticals just to make them even less affordable.

Some people I know that have MSIDS are using frankincense just before bed and rubbing it in their feet, or on temples and forehead just before bed and are reporting lessened symptoms and improved sleep. I just started it two nights ago and something positive is going on. I wont form a definite conclusion yet thought.

I hope this helps.

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