@Frederick I do not mention AS specifically in my post since I don't have medical evidence or Info of a Ballancing Vest used for those of us with AS, however I do recommend using one if you are like me with Kyphosis and have difficulty walking or keeping yourself ballanced and because of my forward posture I am unable to walk without an aid...10 days later using the vest throughout the day has helped me walk and I recommend using one from my personal experience ONLY as a fellow AS surfer....

If I had this idea 2 years ago I would have saved myself from a lot of difficulty walking with crutches up four flights of stairs in my apartment building cos the Lifts no longer work and pressure sores from sitting all day at work and again in the evening confined to my bedroom......and the embarrassing looks from strangers every where since I walk like a hundred year old yet I'm 35..

A least my back would fuse a little straiter durring that time and I would have a more normal posture today....It's funny when an idea comes to you and it materializes you wonder if you have never thought in that way you may NEVER do it at all and when you see it somewhere else you say aaah that's what I needed all along......it's not a cure all as I have been trying to do for the past few years but it is a nice Hack which solves my immediate problem, which is to walk without walking aids....

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