Hi Shunyata, my suggestion is that you rather start out too strict than too lax. Eliminate absolutely everything that you find at all starchy for a few days, then slowly start adding in the least risky veg to see which ones work for you. In the beginning I had to test cauliflower each time I ate it, and found only about a third of them were fine for me. I had a similar experience with zucchini, sweet peppers and baby corn. All of those I can now eat without testing. Broccoli was always fine. I haven't been able to eat carrots at all, I avoid garlic, go easy on onions and avoid asparagus and leeks because of inulin.I seem to have problems with cabbage even when it's not starchy (I generally find the spitzkoppe variety the most reliable), and even glutinous rice gives me problems. So this is all to confirm what Kellybells said - we're all different in our levels of sensitivity, and we each have to work it out for ourselves. It seems I'm one of the more sensitive ones (I've even had to cut out all sugar though am starting to reintroduce a couple of berries once or twice a week), so you might end up with a less strict regime. Even if pepper tests starchy, you might find that you use little enough for it not to matter. Good luck working it all out!