Firstly Thanks to AndyJ's sharing. Several years ago I am looking for the diet to control the pain of the AS. AndyJ’s success give me great inspiration and couragement, especially in the pamphlet “A Guide to Heath” most parts of the products which build the immune system belongs to Chinese Herbs medicine. I suddenly understand that Chinese herbal medicine maybe is more effective than the Western medicine. For most the Chinese medicine are herb but not all. So I try to read some Chinese traditional medicine books in which many patients recovered. So I got more confidence.(Even in china most AS patient choose western medicine method to cure AS. Nowadays talented Chinese medicine doctor become lesser and lesser, even in the Chinese traditional medicine school most students study the western medicine. )
I try to copy the prescription in the book to control the pain which every ASer have ever experienced. But the result is not so ideal, but luckily the pain is under control without Etanercept etc and any western medicine. Cheirapsis with the acupoint is very important which is effective the same with the herb medicine. In the Chinese medicine’s view the acupoint is medicine in the body which is the key of the immune system which balance the operation of the human body.
I recommend the chinsese acutpoint books(ahtho Zhou Erjin), maybe effects.