I apologize for posting yet another topic here. I'm trying to get any ideas on a probiotic to try.

Upon some research it seems that prescript assist has had some kind of strange recall turmoil that it's going through. I've heard mixed opinions on the safety of the new product they are offering, and for those that use this product, can you clarify anything about what's going on with it?

But because prescript assist seems a little up in the air at the moment do you guys have any other probiotics that you prefer using or that youve had good success with?

Also, has anyone used SBI protect powder before? It seems to be helping me slowly, and I'm on the 4th week or so.

Would taking probiotics and SBI protect powder at the same time be alright? Like at different times of the day, if anyone knows about this. Also if you know about this powder, is this something you regularly take or do like an 8 week course of.

Thanks for any help you guys offer, I appreciate it.