Hi everyone!

I'm new to this forum. I suspect I'm dealing with AS since it runs in my family and I've had pain in my back for the last two years getting progressivly worse. Anyway, thanks to all the posts on this forum, eliminating starch from my diet seems to help me greatly.

However, I'm right now into following the GAPS diet, of trying to restore my gut health. I've recently bought some iodine to test my food with and I'm trying to figure out what boiled vegetables would be safe for eating, but since more or less every vegetable I boil turn out black or spots of black, I'm finding myself eating rather dull and tasteless food in the beginning of the gaps introduction diet, without being able to use vegetables like carrot, zuccini, broccoli, cauliflower etc. Celery seems fine though.

I got the idea that perhaps I could boil carrots and other vegetables and just use the water from that? Would that contain any starch?
Also since black pepper seems loaded with starch, perhaps boiling whole black peppers in water and them removing them means that the starch doesn't leak out into the water?

What are you experiences with this?

I also want to thank everyone in this forum. You have helped me greatly!