thanks for sharing. Your pain descriptions and duration sound similar to mine and so I have hope. I just lack the discipline to eliminate nuts and coffee. Yesterday I also had NY cheese cake and Hot and Dry Noodles but the effects are rather dull, which is a good sign that the gut is slowly getting stronger. I just ate the last bit of nuts in my house (again).

My gut tells me (no pun intended) that if I have the patience to stick to strict NSD for just a month then my resolve will be even stronger because of the sense of benefits. Sadly I want instant gratification from a pill.

Speaking of which, this poop/fecal organization might be of help.

We must endeavor to get a rich microflora that allows us to eat most anything without fear just for the sake of long term health. The NSD diet is probably too restricted for the long-term and not contributing to a robust neuro-immune system.

Where are you posting your recipes? Without starch I get hungry fast or just don't loose my cravings for carbs. Drenching my steamed vegetables with butter helps satisfy me.

Thanks again,
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