Hi ...

A few doctors have told me that they think I've got a low level "simmering version" of AS. I'm HLA-B27 positive, had persistent and increasing lower back pain for 20 years .... and which I've now apparently suppressed through carb elimination. So Hooray! Although my MRI's never showed any changes in bone formation ... so the whole thing is a bit of a mystery and none of the doctors have really been able to really nail down whats wrong with me.

ALSO ... I've also suffered from persistent and never ending tendontiits. Basically ... it takes very little for me to "hurt" a tendon through physical exertion ... and then once injured, it takes a long time for that tendon to heal 100% ... if it ever does. So for example, I have a very light amount of pain in my left knee which is not debilitating ... its just inflamed enough that it prevents me from engaging in serious exercise ... which is whats needed 'cause I also have high blood pressure / bad cholesterol etc.


Given that the "no starch" route (for past 6 months) worked so well for the lower back pain .... why has it had NO effect on the enthesopothy ...? What gives?