I have purchased naltrexone from river pharmacy. I started out with a doctors prescription and got it from a local pharmacy but it was ridiculously expensive so I tried ordering the online stuff to see if it was legit. It appears to be genuine as it

- Came in Sun Pharma foil packaging (which they list as their supplier) with brand name Nodict (which is what sun pharma markets naltrexone as). Has official looking logo, barcode, batch number, expiry date, warning label etc.
- Has the exact same awful taste as naltrexone
- Had the same effect as naltrexone - crazy dreams.

If it is a scam which is certainly possible then they have really gone overboard with the realistic packaging and are putting some sort of awful tasting nightmare serum in their pills. Seriously though there is no real way of knowing for sure that it is what it says it is and there are counterfeits out there so it is risky. I don't really understand how the websites don't get busted for selling prescription only medicine. The Naltrexone from Sun Pharma says 'Warning: to be sold by retail on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner only' on the label. Maybe there is some international legal loophole.