I imagined the whole thing in my mind.
I was there with you. I have had an elk hunter walk into camp when it was dark and raining, he probably looked like your lost dog...
Yep, you paint a picture that I can step into... They have killed several "cats" here in Gillette this winter. what a shame. and a huge full curl ram, that came down and stay with domestic sheep. I talked to the game warden about hunters being able to harvest them, but there is always a good reason for safety sake.
My wife wants me to get a dog. So glad she is back with you.

Darrel, as you sat by the fire that night, counting your blessings, you were walking with God. What a tremendous experience.

I will make up the bed for you and your family whenever you come this way. Come late and leave early,if necessary that will be our agreement.
omnes sordes meas una gutta, vel tenuis, sacri sanguinis absterget