Thanks for reading...
some of you like me; may feel like you are at times in the dark place; because of pain and lack of understanding. I do not mean that I fear evil, but I do have a good understanding of how human I am and the reality of pain.
After my injections, my jaw is throbbing, my entire body feels like I was in yesterday's car wreck.
Ever get tired of hearing healthy people complain?
I believe that, as I think, I will become. So I give my self to positive thoughts, thoughts of stronger men and women than myself and of course my prayers.
I count my blessings and believe that this site, and all of it's members are a a gift that I did not deserve.

oh, I have small hard kernal under my arm near my right nipple. It is very sore.. any ideas?
I keep the New Covenant,
when I fail....I am pulled
back into place by HIM.