I see this site is stil being viewed.. thanks.
My back and joint pain has kind of taken a back seat to the brain pain, memory loss, confusion and dizziness. I am getting a third opinion the 14th. We think that it is MS, aggrivated by the high blood pressure. They are still using the word extensive, when describing the changes to my brain. And even noting that I am missing a blood supply to one part of my brain. So all in all I know I have been blessed, since I got sick nearly 50 years ago.
It seems the covering over the nerve has disappeared in some / many places.
I have gotten to do many of the things I wanted to do and have many wonderful memories. I feel like I have fought a good fight, nearly finished my course and look forward to what lies ahead with only a bit of fear and trepidation.
I have been loved and I have deeply loved, so if we can learn to forgive each other I of all people have it made.

Please drop me a note, concerning your health and future.

You are important to me.
I keep the New Covenant,
when I fail....I am pulled
back into place by HIM.