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The injections do not seem to have done much.
He wanted to do mor einjections Tuesday.

But I told Lin I was ready for the big surgery.

50 years of back ache has done me in.
I have a a grandaughter and her mom living with us. We enjoy the baby, she is a doll.
I do walk the baby in the stroller, and I hope to get a pass at the Rec. center. and swim.

How is your hubby?


Sorry the procedures didn't work for you, Lon. Surgery seems the only option now? If you are sure, I pray it will be the best for you. A grandbaby in the house sounds fun. Is it fun for you?

My husband is starting his radiation treatments in the morning. He's quite agitated about this and I've taken off work tomorrow (at the least) to stay with him in the evening after this first treatment. He is doing CyberKnife radiation and will have 5 treatments instead of the usual 40+ fractionated treatments over 9 weeks. With CK, he will be done in a week and a half. Then the agonizing wait for the PSAs to bottom out. He's also on the hormone blockade and is struggling with that, too. He has bemoaned the fact that he needs to put his affairs in order so I don't have problems when he is gone. I gently remind him that we are far from needing to worry about that, but he persists. He's taking an antidepressant and sleeping med, also has anxiety meds from the rad/oncologist. So if you (and anyone else here) have a few spare prayers, we would appreciate it. 'Where 2 or more are gathered in His name....' Thanks for asking, Lon.
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