Hi Lon,
I have been doing pretty good. Enbrel is going well too.

Since you asked... laugh2
My doctor says I reached 180 pounds, which isn't that heavy, except to short people like me.

Brenda traded off her red high mileage car, for another red high mileage car, which overheated the day after she bought it. (wait this gets better!)

It was repaired for free by the dealer and has been doing well ever since.

Oddly enough, overheating was the reason why we decided to trade in our car lol. We were upfront to the dealer about the other car's overheating problem, which makes me feel even better inside.

Bucket seats and sunroofs make me happy enough to go for rides. They almost convinced me to drive it in the parking lot. Maybe tomorrow if it isn't too hot outside.

Take care Lon,

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