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I have sent mail, studied, etc. been on phone.
I think it has been three days, since the stick below the tailbone. maybe.. I can mow just a little bit, while here at the church.
I get crampy, I break out in a sweat, I almost puke, I can't breath, i ache all stinking over. Everything spins..
Lin spends $4,000 to hear that I can't mow the grass at church???
When will it end.....

It doesn't end, Lon, it never ends, whether it be pain, life, or the after-life....;-(

And the pain, Wow! It can be all consuming, life changing, and for you, on your side of the world, the expense of a diagnosisís, therapy, help, surgery...it's mind boggling; everything costs at every turn

And yet...

Life, with all it's joys, with all it's pains, is still something to be embraced, welcomed - no matter how much it hurts.

Take heart by much you are loved.


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