That's frustration up there not we're in the restaurant and all of a sudden,everyone in there is looking at the television and then I noticed that all of the waitstaff had stopped dead in their tracks and were standing there with that strange look that was everyone else's face and I thought, "Why is everyone staring at the TV?", in a split second, I figured out why....there bigger than lif, scrolling across the bottom of the television in BIG, BOLD, RED letters are the words MANDATORY EVACUATION! Just like that! I cannot put into vocal sequence how much I hate those words! The storm took a northerly path which is what they had originally forecast it to do, but they changed the forecast and they were adament that this storm was going to come ashore near the Texas/Mexico border. Now they're saying that about 60,000 people may have to ride out this storm because it's too late to evacuate them. They've really screwed up this time, I'm just glad that I didn't unpack when I got home from last week's evacuation.
Age 7- Kidney Necrosis
Age 11-Bursitis
Age 14-Costo
Age 17-Psoriasis
Age 32-Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Age 33-Sacroilitis
Age 35-Interstitial Cystitis
Age 40-AS
Age 44-Fibro
Age 44-PsA
Age 45-MS
Age 46-Sjogrens
Age 46-Raynauds
Age 47-PF