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#520146 - 04/17/20 05:55 PM biologics tested for coronavirus patients
LINCinNYC Offline

Registered: 09/05/01
Posts: 3412
Loc: The Big Apple
Hi all....
Several biologic meds have been used in emergencies with virus patients to stop what is called a cykotine storm. If I have that right...out of control inflamation as a reaction to the virus in the lungs is killing people but when doctors give a biologic the patient has improved and some people are told to stop biologics if they have been on them regularly....I had to stop Enbrel over a year ago due to cancer. I am in between rheumatologists and awaiting advice, but I have the info on the meds on my case I end up in the ER...if I can't breathe, give me some biologics! Anyone else have any info on this??? There's three meds I've heard are in use...
Peace, you all Rock, never forget...
Linc O'Brien

#520163 - 05/06/20 04:28 PM Re: biologics tested for coronavirus patients [Re: LINCinNYC]
sBrian Offline

Registered: 12/05/05
Posts: 222
I have read something similar. There are several drugs being touted as helping to control the damage of a cytokine storm. NSAIDS have a small effect and some blood pressure meds (such as Losartan) have an effect as well as Doxycyline.

But the biologics from what I have read are possibly stronger than the others in stopping bad effect.

The common thread here is that it seems all these things dampen our immune response so while it may increase your odds of getting an infection, or getting one that becomes severe....they also can reduce the overactive inflammation that is harming lungs and other organs.


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