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#520024 - 02/05/20 03:28 PM Lon Sassman
DragonSlayer Offline
AS Czar

Registered: 09/05/01
Posts: 6147
Loc: Reno or SFLU Philippines

So soon after his beloved wife, Lin passed on, Lon has joined her. Our dear friend died 22 November, 2019.

Words cannot express my frustration not hearing from him or seeing him again in this lifetime; he was a force of nature and a joy to be around! A very youthful 70 years old and perhaps it was the non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma that felled him, but I think it was something more powerful that has taken him out of our dimension.

Lon, my brother, we will miss You! I still wouldn't hire You!!

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Professor Ebringer: On Diet and AS;

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#520025 - 02/05/20 06:03 PM Re: Lon Sassman [Re: DragonSlayer]
mulehound Offline

Registered: 04/27/09
Posts: 715
Loc: USA state of Utah
No way, I tried to find him in December while I was in Greeley Colorado. I will miss him. He was a class act.

#520029 - 02/08/20 03:06 PM Re: Lon Sassman [Re: DragonSlayer]
Dotyisle Offline

Registered: 03/07/02
Posts: 9522
Loc: Rosario, Argentina
Lon will be missed by all those who he touched. His stories that he shared with us here made this place brighter.

I shed a tear, but also know that he is in his rightful place.

AS may win some battles, but I will win the war.

KONK - Keep ON Kicking

#520033 - 02/10/20 08:45 AM Re: Lon Sassman [Re: DragonSlayer]
Smed Offline

Registered: 09/05/01
Posts: 967
Lon will be missed-

#520035 - 02/11/20 06:59 PM Re: Lon Sassman [Re: DragonSlayer]
Magician Offline

Registered: 09/21/09
Posts: 1262
Loc: Manitoba Canada
I am so truly sorry to hear Lon is no longer with us. I enjoyed his posts and eagerly waited for a new one to 'appear'. Well he is in a much better place now. I will miss him. Rest in peace, Lon.
- Carpal Tunnel in BOTH hands
- Depression (MDD) Major Depressive Disorder
- Pituitary Adenoma
- Scoliosis
- Spinal Arthritis with bone spurs on spine
- Multiple Scoliosis diagnosed
- Herniating spinal disc
- HLAB27+
- Final diagnosis: Mild lumbar spondylosis

Previously told Mechanical Back 'Issues'. Hate this term!

#520038 - 02/12/20 03:14 PM Re: Lon Sassman [Re: DragonSlayer]
snowshoe Offline

Registered: 09/10/01
Posts: 1661
Loc: Lost
Haven't been checking in and just happened to learn about our KA treasure Lon. I know Lon had friends throughout the places he lived and ministered to but I know he took great comfort in being able to share his pain here. Truly enjoyed his humor and friendship.

This bunny Kicks AS !

#520040 - 02/13/20 03:29 AM Re Dearest Lon [Re: DragonSlayer]
MollyC1i Offline

Registered: 01/21/04
Posts: 9843
Loc: Brittany, France (since Nov 08...
Have only just caught this sad news - dearest Lon, his wonderful and hilarious stories still resonate. Will assuredly miss his cheery and compassionate posts. Rest in Peace dear friend.
Thank you John our Dragonslayer.
MollyC1i - Riding OutAS

#520051 - 02/20/20 04:51 PM Re: Re Dearest Lon [Re: DragonSlayer]
Kearly Offline

Registered: 03/15/02
Posts: 136
I’m so sorry to hear about Lon. Glad he’s finally out of pain and with his lady love.

#520056 - 02/25/20 05:30 AM Re: Lon Sassman [Re: DragonSlayer]
jay_bharat Offline

Registered: 12/08/08
Posts: 718
Loc: INDIA, Tamil Nadu
I am sorry to hear Lon is no longer with us. He used to post mentioning the members as brothers. Rest In Peace, Lon.


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