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#519876 - 09/08/19 01:01 AM Drivers license suspended because of AS?
pat5star Offline

Registered: 03/24/02
Posts: 23
Loc: Ontario, Canada
Hi all,

I just found out my license is suspended (ontario, canada) because a dr. reported me to the MTO. I’m absolutely furious about this because I’ve driven all my life (even professionally for many years as an OTR trucker, running all Canada & USA) and I’m accident free and don’t have a blemish on my drivers abstract...not even a speeding ticket or even a parking ticket for that matter!

I suspect it was my family dr. but don’t know for sure, yet. I remember him questioning me about driving last year once because he was concerned about my lack of range of motion with my neck and we talked about it some. I told him I had no problems viewing my mirrors and that I had even added those little convex mirrors to my side mirrors which help eliminate blind spots. He seemed to be very concerned about me having to back up in situations such as parking lots (think Walmart) but I assured him that I don’t have any problems and besides, as a trucker for many years I’m very used to and comfortable with relying on mirrors. Hell, even before I lost my range of motion in my neck I NEVER looked back over my shoulder to back-up, I’ve always relied on my mirrors for that. We ended this conversation by him suggesting that I do my best to avoid situations where I would have to back-up anywhere and I agreed that I would try to minimize that happening.

I wasn’t expecting this suspension at all and I’m not sure yet what I can do. It certainly has me in a very serious bind however because I own my own home in a very rural area and have no access to public transportation and very few neighbours, and none that I wish to be bothering for rides and grocery shopping and things like that!

I honestly am confident in stating that I am not a risk to others while driving but even with that I only ever make a couple trips a month to town anyhow, for running errands and medical appt’s and such. I feel this is VERY unfair and don’t know what I can do if I can’t get my license back. This is such a shock to me and was so completely unexpected.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and if so, how have you dealt with it? In Ontario, as far as I know, there is no requirement that one must be able to turn their head enough to be able to look over their shoulder. How could they require that anyways? Think of all the delivery vehicles and trucks and other such vehicles where you can ONLY use your mirrors! Also, they don’t require people wearing neck braces to refrain from they? Damn this gift of AS just keeps giving and giving :-(

#519878 - 09/10/19 11:09 PM Re: Drivers license suspended because of AS? [Re: pat5star]
DragonSlayer Offline
AS Czar

Registered: 09/05/01
Posts: 6147
Loc: Reno or SFLU Philippines
Hello, pat5star!

I have struggled with this point for many years now. I'm usually driving with my wife and/or friend who both know to be backseat drivers always. To see full view, I have to twist my whole body, which is time consuming and uncomfortable, but I do it when I need to.

I mean, well, You especially can imagine going into traffic on faith that they got things right! Some odd angles require just this, so it is rather daunting.

About 3-4 months yearly, we live in Philippines, where I would not drive if I were "normal!" They ignore lanes there and traffic flows by what I call "swarm insinuation," where by chance one vehicle begins an opening in traffic and a swarm follows opportunistically.

Rest of the time, however, it is something I have considered--that is to just stop driving. I recently used Uber instead of renting a car and found it was a pretty great experience so I might begin using this kind of service. Almost got a new car with surround cameras and this in future might be a solution--and when Tesla and these companies get self-driving vehicles that are less risky, I'm going this route! (pun)

But the terrible thing I agree is that a physician took the time to torpedo Your driving privilege! Is there are way this can be contested? Perhaps go to all Your doctors with a statement that You NEED to continue driving and show Your proficiency. Find someone who gave driving tests at the DMV and in an unofficial capacity have them rate You and sign off as an expert witness! I don't know whether this would work, but it might be worth a try.

Best thing I did preparing for this was to teach my wife to drive--and we are still married! Seriously she nearly gave up even after I bought a car for her with automatic! NOW we have one vehicle that is really too big for either of us--it is a behemoth but she wanted to be comfortable on long trips.

I hope You find a way out of Your situation! There were a few years I drove without a licence--between trips abroad. Won't bore You with the long version of story of one kind officer who stopped me and said he had "real criminals" to fight and made me promise to get current!


Important AS Resources

Professor Ebringer: On Diet and AS;

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#519883 - 09/17/19 05:16 AM Re: Drivers license suspended because of AS? [Re: pat5star]
Dotyisle Offline

Registered: 03/07/02
Posts: 9522
Loc: Rosario, Argentina
Hello Pat5Star,

Have not heard this prior. My father had fused neck and would have to shift in drivers seat to check both ways. He was very careful driver and in all his years of driving was never responsible for an accident. Was in one accident that he was stopped at red light and someone hit him from behind.

Best to you getting the license back.

AS may win some battles, but I will win the war.

KONK - Keep ON Kicking

#519902 - 10/04/19 03:07 AM Re: Drivers license suspended because of AS? [Re: DragonSlayer]
pat5star Offline

Registered: 03/24/02
Posts: 23
Loc: Ontario, Canada
Hey John,

First, a HUGE apology for not replying sooner! Wow I am really sorry about that.

Whenever I posted here in the past I would get an email notification as soon as there was a reply but I never got any this time. I just assumed that nobody has dealt with a similar situation and/or had nothing to add. Today I just thought I’d have a peek to see what’s new and was very surprised to see that in fact I did get a couple of replies. Again, I am very sorry.

Secondly, thanks for taking the time to share with me your point of view.

I'm usually driving with my wife and/or friend who both know to be backseat drivers always.

LOL...I completely relate! Although it doesn’t happen often there is 3-4 people who will ask me for a ride sometimes. ALL of them are so used to how I am that without me even asking they will always tell me whether it’s “clear” or not and when I can “go” at any intersection. They know I am able to look both ways when I need to but after watching me do the AS version of The Twist from the drivers seat I imagine it gets a little awkward so I suppose it’s there little way to try to help (or it’s just outright fear for their own safety!!!). Still, we always have the same friendly talk afterwards; I will offer thanks but then gently remind them that I don’t need the ‘assist’. They generally reply that they know this and will stop doing it. I end up feeling bad and then give my usual excuse that “It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that it’s to scary for me to take someones word for it without looking myself and then just pulling out on to a road!”.
Rinse and repeat at the next intersection! lol

Some odd angles require just this, so it is rather daunting.

Oh this I very much comprehend! My Achilles heel are those intersections where the turning lane is curved but a full stop (eg. traffic light or stop sign) is required first before proceeding, or...curved merge lanes and very short on-ramps. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. Basically any scenario where your vehicle ends up turned just enough that simply looking 90º left or right is not enough but the vehicle hasn’t turned quite enough for you to be able to see using your side mirrors!
LOL...these examples are the only time I really do welcome a passenger assist! (Just so that anyone reading this doesn’t get the wrong impression...I am able to look over my shoulder even in this type of situation if I absolutely have just takes monumental effort on my part and is not pleasant at all!)

I love your description of driving in the Philippines! You made me remember seeing a show once that had something to do with taking North American truckers and having them drive trucks throughout India. It was INSANE! I don’t know if that would be similar but that’s what you have me envisioning now, lol!

I really don’t have the option to just stop driving as you did. Honestly, these aren’t excuses but 1) there is no Uber service where I live (Northern Ontario, Canada), 2) No public transportation (though I now wonder if the gov’t provides some type of public transport for the disabled and if so, if I would qualify. I have occasionally seen those wheelchair accessible short busses dropping people off or picking them up at places like our local grocery that makes me think maybe), 3) I think I mentioned in my OP that I live in a very rural area. I’ve never used a taxi here before but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if a round trip fare to town and back would cost $50 or more, easily! Also, that would only be a basic trip to our solitary grocery store. It would be significantly more for the trips to my doctor appt.’s and all the other little odds and ends we all have to do in life. Our local taxi company would certainly love all the new business; my bank account...not so much!!

I really do love your idea of going the route (lol @ your pun!) of the Tesla and I’ve even watched some videos online about them. That is something I would absolutely consider one day but right now the technology isn’t there yet for ferrying unlicensed passengers around.

I’m happy to see that you share my sentiment about how my doctor handled this. I was pretty damn sure that most people if in my shoes would feel the same way but it’s nice to have that confirmed, too, and to know that I’m not the one being unreasonable here. In fact I had made an appt. to discuss this with him and that takes place next I will update here as soon as I get back from that.

I hope You find a way out of Your situation! There were a few years I drove without a licence...

Ya I’ve really thought about this for the last month. Luckily I haven’t had to go anywhere and thankfully I was well stocked on groceries and pretty much anything else I may have needed. Hopefully I’ll have this resolved in a positive way myself before I end up at the point where I will have to consider taking the same risks you did. I’m not sure our local police would be as cool as the one you encountered!

Thanks again John. I’ll update as soon as I can,


#519903 - 10/04/19 03:38 AM Re: Drivers license suspended because of AS? [Re: Dotyisle]
pat5star Offline

Registered: 03/24/02
Posts: 23
Loc: Ontario, Canada
Hi Tim,

Same as I told John...I am so sorry I did not reply sooner. Like I mentioned, I just thought nobody had replied at all to my OP and was shocked to discover that in fact, I had 2 replies. I’m just glad that I decided to pop in tonight to see what’s going on which led me right back here!

He was very careful driver and in all his years of driving was never responsible for an accident.

Ya same here. I don’t even have so much as a parking ticket!
I just know there has to be many other drivers out there like your father and me who have no blemishes on our driving record and who are good, safe and conscientious drivers but just happen to have some issues with the range of motion of our necks.
The main reason I posted this here was I wanted to see if this was actually a common concern for people like us and if so, how it’s dealt with. Just by looking at this thread, even with the thread title and on an AS website, it’s blatantly obvious that this really isn’t a common concern with AS kickers.

Was in one accident that he was stopped at red light and someone hit him from behind.

Ohhhh, now that’s something that has always been in the back of my mind and kind of terrifies me. There’s no protecting yourself from that type of accident! It’s not your fault; you really can’t prevent it even if you see it just about to happen; and it’s gonna hurt!!!
I really hope your Dad was ok afterwards. That type of accident almost always causes whiplash and whiplash is something all us AS kickers MUST avoid at all costs.

Thanks again, Tim. I’ll update this thread as things play out. Cheers,


#519932 - 10/23/19 03:33 PM Re: Drivers license suspended because of AS? [Re: pat5star]
Luvnlife Offline

Registered: 08/08/12
Posts: 48
I don’t know if it would help but I’ve had a flare after stopping prednisone and my neck was terrible but once I got my migraine Botox shots my neck was fine. I hadn’t noticed before but when I get migraine Botox they tap a bunch of nerves in my neck and shoulders and this shuts down the arthritis pain too.

To get ok fir Botox you need to have a certain number of migraines a month (it used to be over 14 or something like that but I think they lowered it) and have tried and failed on three different kinds of classes of medication. There is a prescription card and so if you think it might be a candidate I have to be honest with you it is night and day. I’ve always had migraines since I was a little girl and was diagnosed ages ago but then I can see a lot of the drugs associated with RA trigger headaches so it doesn’t seem like a hard thing to qualify for if your insurance will take care of it. Sulfasalazine always caused an uptick for my migraines but with the Botox I really don’t feel much. Also, the Botox has one of those copay assist cards. Guess it’s been helping me for years, I just never connected the dots on the occasional increase in pain being from the shot wearing off. Anyway, with the shot my range of motion is tons better because my nerves don’t feel it, I’m not reckless or anything because my head knows I can still hurt myself but still, it might help you.

Edited by Luvnlife (10/23/19 03:37 PM)


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