Hi forum,

My new stool analysis is in, plus I made adjustments and wanted to ask for your advice.

I have made great improvements to my gut using NSD, no sugar, no fructose, supplemented with vitamins A+C+D, magnesium, chrome, zinc, some bile acid, some ACV.

-My intolerances have greatly improved but are still very high (the IgG4 score is down from 160 to 80). Still can eat only a handful of veggies, fruit, pork and fish.

-My pathogens are gone (yaay!!)

-Sadly my calprotectine rose off the charts: from 190 to now 595! Do not understand why.

-General dysbiosis improved, but still lacking lactobacillus and bifido. As to be expected.


Sadly during these results I have no had any improvements in my health whatsoever. Still extreme fatigue, diahrrea, weight loss, AS-inflammation. I have Enbrel to keep AS under control, which it does for 90%.
But! And here is my question: I have decided to add anti-bacterial supplements (Berberine, Allicin, Lactoferrin) and the results are insane. First night I had very painful cramps and extreme nausea. I decided to tone it down, but stayed very nauseous. Then built it up slowly. My nausea mostly went away and the insatiable hunger disappeared. I felt a lot better with the supplements added. Then I seemed to still be intolerant to garlic, so my naturpath said I should quit Allicin, which I replaced by Peppermint oil (morning) and Oregano oil (evening). With these added, a new wave of cramps and nausea have started.

What do I do with this? I have tons more energy, no more insatiable hunger, I eat about 1/3 of what I used to (now down to normal portions). My stool has improved, though slightly worse again now with the added Oregano. On the other hand, the nausea kind of stays. Is it a big herxheimer reaction? Should I continue this path? If so: for how long?



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