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#519694 - 06/09/19 04:18 AM How long did it take you for full recovery?
beyondas Offline

Registered: 05/03/19
Posts: 1
Hello guys,

first of all thank you for every single post. There are times where I might not have made it without this and other sources of realistic hope.

I was diagnosed with AS 13 months ago (HLAB27 + Sacroilitis) after half a year of constant pain and 18 months of less severe pain with complete remission some months in between. I never took any meds except for 2 weeks.

When I was convinced that diet helps I shifted from NSD to Keto to Keto + AIP + NSD to Carnivore to Carnivore with high fat pretty fast. I would eat [*bleep*] to get my health back, so eating only meat is a good tradeoff.

Most of my pain went away without starches. Only animal fat + 600g meat a day for the last 8 months improved my health even further. However, this could be related to the lack of starch. I just took the more promising radical approach.

I can do most sports and am not really limited in everyday life. However, a lot of times I just have annoying pain (0-1/10) around my sacroiliac joint (lower back). This gets worse when doing stuff like heavy lifting (especially squats feel like they could give me a soft flare up). Yesterday, I went bouldering again and jumping/falling off the wall several times triggers slight pain in my sacroiliac joints the next 2 days.

I know that I am complaining on a really high level but I wonder if someone of you made it to a point where he felt completely healthy again. What is the level of pain-free that you achieved through the NSD?

#519696 - 06/09/19 09:51 AM Re: How long did it take you for full recovery? [Re: beyondas]
Kellybells Offline

Registered: 01/21/17
Posts: 184
Loc: Canada
My pain story is like yours. I'm habitually a 0-1 when I'm diligent about my starch intake. But heavy exertion - and especially squats - can cause pain for the next few days sometimes in my left SI and worse in my knees.

I view this as a different kind of flare, caused by mechanical stress in joints that have lost their natural defenses - cartilage has been worn away, joint spaces have narrowed, new bone formed, etc. I'm not sure this can be fully 'cured'and reversed.

Having said that, I've had great success using powdered gelatin as a supplement - 1TB 2x day for 3-4 months, which dramatically improved my back and knee joint pain, presumably by helping rebuild the cartilage. I now take it for shorter stretches when I'm very active (e.g. I recently started back at a weight lifting class at the gym after a light winter, so I'm back on the gelatin) and also eat lots of gelatin-rich bone broth and meat cuts (e.g. pork ribs, chuck/blade, shanks, oxtail, etc.) as a regular part of my diet.

My joints still hurt after a hard workout, especially my knees, but I can do more and hurt less than 10 years ago, eventhough I am that much older. Given that my issues started almost 30 years ago as a teenager, I'm not sure I can achieve much more than this. So not full recovery, but happily manageable (e.g. don't need meds for it).
Suspected USpA. HLA B27, xray, u/sound, blood tests all -ve. Ancient history of plantar fasciitis, SI joint pain, knee arthritis. Recent history of tendinitis, neck pain, debilitating finger pain and stiffness (especially mornings). No diagnosis, no meds.

2010 - stopped eating dairy
2012 - stopped eating wheat
2014 - stopped eating all grains
Jan 2017 - discovered NSD - 98% improvement in symptoms, continually amazed by my results, wish I'd found kickAS sooner


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