Hi, my inflammation kicked into high drive this new year... back, chest, IBS, elbow swelling, and two bouts of eye pounding iritis. Now with the diet I linked, its starting to heal as Ive noticed passing stool doesn't up my flare and other problems have significantly reduced.

I believe my problem intensified with eating more bread and/or also stuffing myself with fruits and heavy meals at night.

Ive been eating homemade Sauerkraut and just getting into eating collagen rich lambs feet which i think is key to healing the gut.

Enzymes are probably the most important factor that's overlooked. To make sure protein is being digested I sometimes put a bit of cheaper green papaya and pineapple into a blender and eat it before a meal.

I should caution not to use continuous 'Cats Claw' herb and over juicing such sweet drinks for gut bacteria balance.

Meals should be given time to digest before having another food group... but light, fast moving fruits should be ate before heavy meals like meat.

Prunes are also a stone fruit so be watchful for a flare reaction.

url link; https://i.imgur.com/XMO2lwg.jpg

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