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#519581 - 04/11/19 08:54 AM Current Issues w A.S. Diet
Auggie Offline

Registered: 12/20/17
Posts: 12
Hello all, it has been some time since I last posted.

I am still struggling w pain and I am considering trying biologic treatment. I have not been able to entirely ween myself off NSAIDS (& coffee) & I am having alot of issues still w inflammatory bowel. I am also struggling w getting sufficient nutrients & keeping my energy up (I have tried cooking, juicing, and blending my veggies & fruits so they are more easily digestible, but they are still inflaming my bowel after eating).
So, for starters, does anyone have suggestions re: replacing coffee w a coffee-tasting replacement and has caffeine that is no carb that might be more gently on my gut?
I've been taking oil, to the max I can tolerate for calories and gut healing, & I've been careful re eliminating anything that irritates or inflames my gut or causes flares, but wondering if anyone might have experienced these persistent issues themselves who might have some good suggestions?
Also wondering if anyone might have suggestions re more easily digested supplements for micronutrient replacement, etc.?
Also, like i said I'm considering biologic tx, though reluctant as I'd like to try for another baby and after reviewing lots of research I am still concerned taking these meds while pregnant or breastfeeding. Any one else experienced these concerns w helpful information?

Thanks for any info anyone might find helpful to share. In the meantime, I'll review the posts people have already responded to related to these topics in the forums. One last thing, has anyone read The Plant Paradox & what did you think re legitimacy of the book? I was thinking of getting the cookbook.

Sorry this is a story, but thanks ahead of time for reading :->

#519582 - 04/11/19 10:27 PM Re: Current Issues w A.S. Diet [Re: Auggie]
tvmanjon Offline

Registered: 01/24/19
Posts: 7
Loc: Michigan
I have suffered with AS since I was 12 and am now 68. I went thru many alternate food trials (and other alternative treatments) and failed time after time. This last year was my worst ever. The biologics were no longer working very well. I knew between now and my end I wanted to beat this thing if possible. I bit the bullet hard. I started with Carol Sullivans book and then this forum. It has now been just about 3 months and I am finally seeing the light. My turning point was to stop ALL fluids except good water and dump all of my supplements. I tested my food and supplements religiously with iodine. I was surprised at the starch in the supplement's No more fried foods, no starch at all, no dairy, very limited carbs. It was cold turkey No coffee no tea nothing but soothing water on the gut. No nuts either. No citrus type fruits. My gut was a wreck and is just starting to heal. Its not mentioned anywhere that I have seen but use your BM to gauge your success until you see your BM whole and formed you need to do more. Read as many post here that you have time for and after awhile you will see the underlying theme get your gut better. It doesn't heal overnight. Do what ever you can do to sustain yourself on with the minimum if you want to avoid the biologics. Go to the Alternatives forum and read Duccans phototherapy story. Again if anything you can do immediately is water only the rest is poison to your gut lining at least for now.

#519584 - 04/19/19 09:46 AM Re: Current Issues w A.S. Diet [Re: Auggie]
Bazel Offline

Registered: 12/28/18
Posts: 15
Dear Auggie,

I am using Embrel biological while trying to figure out the diet. It has no effect on fertility, as a man, my doctor says.
As long as your bowel is inflamed, I dont think the diet will really work. At least it has not worked for me yet. I am doing stool analysis now, to see why my gut is inflamed. First results are that I have food intolerances. I have high hopes that fixing my leaky gut will fix my AS.
I agree that you will have to do the diet cold turkey, or else itll probably be a lot of energy wasted. Taking that last step might mean a great dofferenxe, at least from what I am reading.

I suggest you find a very good lab to help you analyze your gut. I hope you will fimd what works for you, one way or the other. Seems like a different journey for everyone.

All the best.



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