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#519726 - 06/25/19 04:36 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: The_Inflammator]
Robin_H Offline

Registered: 09/13/15
Posts: 292
Loc: Central Canada
Hello The_Inflammator,

Thanks for the information so far. Keep trying the device and keep us informed.


#519889 - 09/23/19 06:51 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Caturday Offline

Registered: 01/29/19
Posts: 8
What happened? Anyone using this for their AS and found it effective?

#519911 - 10/07/19 05:39 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
I have a little time off Like actors I guess we electricians might like to call it 'resting! -- be back at work very soon no doubt . Anyway I thought to check in on this thread and see if anyone is benefiting .
I'm delighted to report the wheel chair is long long gone. No pain and eating pretty much what I want.,when I want.
I really don't want to [*bleep*] anyone off by gushing too much - particularly if this god sent release isn't happening for you.
Rife -- well Its true I attribute this recovery to those frequencies . I am left with something of a stoop but thats a minor detail that isn't effecting work or play .
I have gone over the sequence of events in my mind and tried to pin point at what point this change started .
Its a shame really that I can't re -enact it, I can't Its gone !! that bloody agony is history. It was a dream of mine and I humbly accept of you all too.
Soooo - accepted that I threw everything I could at this [*bleep*] of a condition -- including the anti biotic route Its hard to pin point for certain what actually killed and stopped the bloody thing.
That accepted I think and believe it was the Rife frequency of 326 as used in the German clinic .
I give you fair warning there was no refinement or great electronic wizardry in what I did next - It was crude controlled electrocution at an impulse rate in and around that noted by Rife and the German clinic to 'De calcify' ergo 326 (that frequency/ impulse time will never ever leave my mind again)
Keeping in mind that I was in that stupefying agony that bites - I used a few cheap workshop bits and pieces to make a very simple (embarrassingly simple) one transistor circuit - switching a car ignition coil .
The output from that coil was connected to me by large TENS sticky pads - one on my left shoulder blade and the other on my right ankle.
Like a horse bulking at the water jump - I don't want to lose your attention here - you'd better believe I certainly didn't Zap myself with the full capacity of a car ignition coil. I may (Just may have been driving that coil at 3 volts max) more on that in a moment . here is a very crude circuit -but it is what I did to myself and the circuit I used - If you go back to page one you'll see the thing and the ignition coil- so in detail regard this simple one transistor circuit - the transistor was a 2N3055 a standard High power work horse for years but I guess it could be pretty much any high power transistor

Its almost embarrassing but heres the hows and whys - the FG you see on the left is a standard bit of electrical gear called a function generator - It can put out square waves , Sine waves and usually saw tooth waves too . at whatever frequency is desired . it usually has an adjustable output voltage as well .
Its very crude but you can see it connected straight to the base emmiter junction - The Transistor is really there to switch the higher current and voltage that the ignition coil requires - The function generator alone can't do that.
Also a simple bench power supply was incorporated for the same reason - Its supplying the grunt that the coil requires.
Note I told you this doesn't shock you - (not that you can feel anyway.) which is where the LED comes in The LED would I surmised light when a few milli amps passed though it . Importantly because the LED was connected in series with the pads - and so in series with my spine I knew without any shadow of doubt that pulsing current at 326 Hz had to be traveling up my spine even though I couldn't feel it.
just a brief note on this 326 - I wrote Hz here which I guess is correct if it were a sine wave - It isn't
Its a sharp impulse - I used the Function generator square wave function.
Function generators have a few output types and I can't honestly remember which I used - one is TTL (transistor transistor logic) which should in a perfect world simply switch the transistor with no further adjustment . The other allows you to select the output voltage and thinking back I'm pretty sure thats the one I used.
Now I draw you attention to the secondary of that ignition coil - the bit that can Zap you.
do you see the LED connected ? that adjustable power supply voltage was slowly brought up until the LED glowed -- I knew then that a circuit was made involving my spine. These PSUs usually have another useful addition - a current limiting setting.
I wound that back until the LED went out -- then brought it slowly back up again -- just an extra precaution against being Zapped.
The Pads - really the bigger the better . These pads are really made for TENS machines and are covered with a sticky conductive gel - just whats required.
There is a fly in the ointment though -- if the thing comes UN-stuck here's what happens -- the contact area goes down therefore the resistance of the contact goes up , school physics and ohms law tells you V= I x R -- R goes up the volts go up you can get an unwelcome tingle in the middle of the night.

Function generator drift -- well the desired pulse is 326 how accurately can the FG hold that frequency ? how accurate is the reading ? usually pretty accurate 326 isn't a high frequency still it did always drift one way or the other. I used to set that frequency sometimes a little higher in the hope that it would drift slowly down through 326 sometimes just a little lower and hope the frequency would drift slowly upward.
This is and was the start of a quite quick turn around although I did still find myself locked solid once or twice frightened to move - sure you know what I mean.
Connected to wires and this Heath Robinson arrangement was in no way ideal but it did get me back on my feet and working again . As soon as I could I invested in the Plasma tube and the equipment you see earlier in this thread. I elected not to go into detail about this 'hash up' I realise now that well could have been a mistake.
Well which delivered the "coup de grĂ¢ce" to AS ? I honestly don't know I wish I did for certain .
Certainly this crude ignition coil set up I describe here seemed to start things rolling.
very rarely now do I need to run the Rife machine and certainly not the coil . I'm no medico but what seems to have happened is the 326 impulse started fracturing the unwanted calcium as advertised.
My bodies own defense system it seems at last recognized this debris in its slightly altered state as 'the enemy' - and has continued to do so .
regardless of Rife frequencies or not. Glad to report I am still out of pain , eating what I wish , working driving walking -- and doing all those other good things - no Meds at all for months (cept lemsip)
I touch wood!! - AS is just a very bad memory I don't ever want to re-visit. This doesn't in anyway mean I'm advocating you connect yourselves to HT -- I did . whatever you might do or use it is at your own risk . I found myself in a desperate situation and I did some desperate things -- I'm just unfolding what happened and in what sequence for you.

Blessing and kind regards Duncan

PS if you go back to page one of this thread - see the third picture ? there is the ignition coil , the black box is the adjustable PSU and the function generator is there too on the left held down with a bit of elastic -- smile if you want it any rougher - you'll have to get someone else whistle a very rustic effort IT WORKED

Edited by Duncan (10/07/19 10:50 AM)

#519912 - 10/07/19 11:36 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Tim Bell - where he ??

#519915 - 10/08/19 07:51 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
tvmanjon Offline

Registered: 01/24/19
Posts: 20
Loc: Michigan
Thanks for the detailed update. I have acquired a True Rife plasma and soon to engage its powers. Been on the NSD for a few months with limited success. I'm shooting for your type of results..

#519917 - 10/09/19 07:59 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
The answers there Jon - I'm sure if you go at it with the same attitude - It'll jump out and punch you on the nose.Its a rough ride for a few weeks but the fact that your effecting and wrestling control from AS is en-powering - best wishes and good luck - if I can help in anyway don't hesitate to connect - kind regards Duncan

#519942 - 11/07/19 10:46 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
borisovic Offline

Registered: 11/01/19
Posts: 1
Hi Duncan. For a long time did not appear on the forum. This is either very good or very bad .... What are the successes in improving KILLERS AS?
We follow you, and really want our victories

#520041 - 02/14/20 11:18 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Hi Borisovic - your quite right re very good or bad. I'm happy to report very good is the answer.
It was very good for Dr Tim also.another forum member north of the border in Scotland I'm going to lend the equipment to and help very soon.
I'm working in another 'grey area' right now that of free energy and transmutation which oddly starts to latch with this treatment
you can see I tried all sorts of things on myself flapping like a fish caught on a hook.
The ignition coil and function generator using the Rife frequency 326 seemed to hold the ultimate answer - It would be great if tvmanjon would report back on forum I guess the trouble is its such blight once your rid of it you major object is to forget all about it and get on with life. I guess I can't blame anyone I'm that way inclined myself. That aside when asked I'll help I HATE AS with a vengence. very kindest regards Duncan

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