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#519536 - 03/26/19 04:02 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
tvmanjon Offline

Registered: 01/24/19
Posts: 20
Loc: Michigan
I await with baited breath for the PDF instructions from the mad scientist. I have placed an order for the Phillips bulb that looks like it comes from somewhere in Europe. I could not find it in the US? If it arrives sooner than the PDF what recommendations do you have for its use? Distance,duraton,how often. You stated in a earlier post you experienced tenderness on the skin? Is this an issue? Do you wear any protective glasses? ps Your musings on your journey are also very entertaining, are you sure you are an electrical engineer and not a closet journalist?

#519538 - 03/27/19 04:22 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: tvmanjon]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
well done Jon . if you have bought the Philips Tube I think its manufactured in Holland however as its usual medical use is for curing jaundice in new Born's I would imagine its equivalent would be available and made in other countries .
Did I use protective glasses ? No . neither after the first day or so did I worry about 'exposure' I simply lay down on my left hand side on the right hand side of the bed and ran the lamp very close to my spine behind me.
I was eventually quite happy to run the thing all night like that. having that blue lamp as a bed partner won't help your sex life much (unless you discover some kink I haven't.) still it gives AS a good spanking.
There is no difference to the actual florescent tube regardless of which country you happen to be in although the driver in the base of the fitting will be made to operate on each particular countries voltage and frequency . So Jon if you wanted to use this lamp in whatever country you live in from your household mains supply then you need a standard two foot florescent fitting base. You might remember these tubes were much bigger in diameter some years ago ,they have now been made 'slimline' which is why Philip's presents two versions of what is pretty much the same tube. One is rated at 18 watts and the other at 20 watts - in practice 2 watts makes no difference one way or the other and any standard 2 ft fitting would drive the lamp.

However -- I also intend switching the lamp at the Rife de- calcification frequency, 326 and so I suggest Jon that instead of a standard fitting you buy this (ebay item 142980573392) or something similar. These 12 volt fittings are made for caravans ,RVs , although being phased out because of LED lighting.
There's folks from all around the world on this forum all on different voltages and frequencies still 12 volts ish DC is easy enough for everyone to be able to get at. Its also safer being in bed with 12 volts than 220 volts (for instance) 110 volts will get you out of bed 220 volts will make you leap out!
Its also going to be quite easy for me to switch it at the important 326 (I hope) that's the bit I'm waiting for Jon called an opto-coupler . something like this ( ebay item 352364193904 ) which in turn will link to the huge Rife machine which is called spooky2 via an XM2 signal generator. That generator costs $100 Jon which is why I'm waiting to try it driving an opto-coupler before I publish and suggest others go the same route
Kindest regards Duncan

#519548 - 03/28/19 09:10 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Jon - glad to hear you have 'the lamp' and I really don't know how you have got it in days - It took me a week and I'm in Europe and the EU (well for the time being anyway) If you decide to drive your lamp with the Indian unit I suggested be careful not to go above 12 volts input . There is something about the thinking in the east that forces then to cut the rating of electrolytic capacitors to the bone . I think because they cost more than 50 cents. anyway the caps in that unit are rated at 16 volts which is right on the limit. connect it to something with a bit of ripple and the peaks will wipe them out . I quickly popped one using a battery charger and so changed the two of them for two big beefy things I had laying around. so a word to the wise do one of three things
either change those crappy caps for something much better rated (40 volts 60 volts whatever its not critical but 3x working voltage is a good rule of thumb . run off a 12 volt battery (with the charger connected to it - the battery itself is effectively a huge capacitor) simply buy a big fat electrolytic capacitor and connect it across the main 12 volt feed . look on ebay for a 12 volt regulated supply. did I write three things ? oh well four then. Anyway as you know Jon you have 'jumped the gun' Still I have just lashed up the first proof of concept on some bits of wood with tie wraps and sticky tape. lol (so if you want it any rougher you'll have to get someone else!)

you can see the two capacitors I decided to bandage in to the right of the main board - at the other end you see the solid state relay . that is work in progress. I'll make it look pretty in due course right now this is me starting to make this thing do whats required of it.she can have some lipstick later. kind regards Duncan

Edited by Duncan (03/28/19 09:21 AM)

#519549 - 03/28/19 08:49 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
tvmanjon Offline

Registered: 01/24/19
Posts: 20
Loc: Michigan
Duncan I ordered it on the 22nd(late in day)and it arrived on the 27th. $13.00 plus $35 shipping website Shipping stated 1-3 days and I figured a typo Nope I was real surprised. I see they also have the same bulb but 18w Do you know the difference? I went ahead and ordered the driver from India but that stated a 3 week delivery.Those caps are more like pennies and 16vdc is to close I agree so thanks for the heads up. Which spooky2 kit should I invest in? This is opening up a whole new world just when I was getting itchy for something new to focus on. I have been on the NSD for less than 3 months and have noticed a lot of difference but still am not off my meds but a lot less stiffness and tender joints.

#519551 - 03/29/19 04:33 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Hi Jon nice to hear your going for it - there is nothing much of a difference between these tubes . depending on how old you are you might remember florescent tubes being much fatter (a larger diameter than they are now) as time has gone on, the world has adopted a new 'slimline' smaller diameter tube . for a few years both diameters of tube ran side by side and in practice they are interchangeable in the fittings .
This being a special use lamp with only occasional large production runs that change over has been much slower than the millions of lamps used in offices shops and schools around the world has been . To answer your question - in practice - no real difference . which ever tube has arrived it'll do the job there's 2 watts difference which is neither here or there . and perhaps half an inch in diameter difference . The pin separation has been made identical hence the tubes are interchangeable and designed to do the same job.
Jon you ask what spooky2 equipment to invest in, just to keep you up to speed .

1/I bought a full kit on offer but I really only have used spooky2 central with an XM2 generator and plasma bulb.

2/That was a few years ago and there are i.m.h.o better options now, If I was at the same cross roads now I would undoubtedly buy spooky scalar . I long ago came to the conclusion that it was this longitudinal wave that could decalcify using plasma or florescent lamp the lamp has to be very close to take advantage of this special wave . I say special Jon because like Rife technology its suppressed and electrically or as a component of light it isn't taught and isn't supposed to exist. There are no books , but for those with a little dogged determination it becomes very clear that this very different dimension really does exist . Here are two of the very few researchers (who were) prepared to use and demonstrate it There were dire consequences for both of these guys because of this presentation Chris was very quickly 'Brown bread' and Eric took to the life of a Hobo for a lot of years. Eric Dollard and Chris Carson
John white has embraced this Tesla technology from 130 years ago and built equipment that uses it which is why I say if I had to do it again thats the equipment I would buy.

3/ The Plasma tube works . It worked in the German clinic, it worked for me. Still its an expensive option and as you know I'm experimenting with getting the tube you and I have bought to also run at the required 326 frequency. directed by the Rife machine that is Spooky2. I'm some way from finishing and testing that .
If your happy to buy some bits that you'll undoubtedly need anyway I would suggest
The Spooky2 XM generator (which basically gets that huge program that is spooky2 out of the PC and into the outside world)

Add to that Spooky boost which for 18 bucks hugely amplifies the output and in my case is putting a barrier in between the expensive generator and the lamp I'm experimenting with.
also if you wished, and you have a BNC cable about you can use that high power connection to connect The top and bottom of the spine with sticky Tens pads . So Jon I guess you would have the equipment I am trying to bring into play with this lamp available whilst also being able to use either as a stand alone option whilst you impatiently wait . you'll also get familiar with that program only a fraction of which I've used. - hope that all helps a little bit - Kind regards Duncan
PS - that driver unit also said 3 weeks to the UK - it took 5 days .

Edited by Duncan (03/29/19 05:10 AM)

#519554 - 03/30/19 01:39 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Hi folks I have just managed to give this medical lamp a run coupled to the powerful Rife based program that is spooky 2. There has been a lot of interest shown in this work off forum by email and P.M and so I have decided to Link to the PDF rather earlier than I had intended Its still work in progress so please forgive spelling and errors . I managed to take a short video of the Lamp being run by John whites spooky 2 program which I have linked to in the PDF. I'm sure I can improve on that too in due course. It takes a while to digest - Best wishes everyone and thanks for your interest Duncan

#519560 - 03/31/19 09:36 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
sorry guys another video and a little bit more homework to do.
I have been asked how I applied these pules to myself and how long for.? I think I explained that the breakthrough for me was initially with Tens pads , a signal generator and ignition spark coil.
I started to feel something happening almost immediately however it wasn't for two or perhaps three weeks that I had the confidence to start dropping Naproxin . I still carried the drug with me for a long time. I guess it had become a habit and a way of life.
Once or twice I got stopped in my tracks with that pain engine pulsing in the back ground daring me to move a fraction . I won't lie its something of a balancing act for a month or so. On the plus side your aware that you are winning and its very satisfying to be able to give A.S a spanking for a change.
As I said previously I'm no Medico so by all means take what I write now with a pinch of salt It is simply what I came to assume was happening to me.
We A.S suffers have an abnormal calcium growth, Its what generates all that pain as it becomes involved with the thousands of tiny hairlike nerve endings. Normally anything abnormal growing in the body is identified and quickly destroyed by the bodies own defenses .
Our extra growth of calcium is undetected Its a cuckoo in the nest .
give your bodies own defense system a sharp rap over the knuckles and show it this is 'an intruder' and it seems to start fighting furiously with the enemy.
you will feel bloody awful for a while, a mother of all hangovers with out the benefit of the alcohol.
Rife was well aware of the effect and they are well known as Herxheimer Reactions . as I understand it when you have destroyed pathogens or whatever ,In our case calcium build up the debris and toxin gets Hoovered up filtered and ejected by the bodies normal methods of purification. Like the after effects of alcohol in the blood stream, you feel rough.
I now know Rife machine users have frequencies to de-tox themselves. At first using the signal generator and coil I really didn't have that option and so I simply tolerated that 'hangover' . As it turned out I think that was a good thing.
So guys imagine this extra calcium is happily hiding and growing below you immune systems radar and you suddenly give your immune system a great big helping of rouge calcium it very quickly wakes up and recognizes its the enemy. It not only recognizes it remembers and starts doing the job in earnest .
Application . folks your really relying on scalar energy . The tube is actually delivering mostly transverse light waves with a small percentage of longitudinal waves,
You really need the longitudinal component to do this job for you.
For that reason I ran that tube as close to my spine as I could whilst trying to make sure I wasn't going to roll on it..
Remember you don't need to use this equipment very long it doesn't take the body long to find and start destroy the enemy itself once its flagged up. At last the dog can see the rabbit.
To explain a little more on the longitudinal wave and scalar fields might I suggest

This video

could help you understand a little more, Its perhaps a bit less technical than Eric Dollards masterpiece. (OK he's flogging something and its dated ) But I'm in sympathy with most of what John Winstead says here.
Best wishes Duncan

PS John wasn't quite right with the guy he called - Heavibody I'm a little more careful when trampling on genius . let me introduce you to Oliver Heaviside

Edited by Duncan (03/31/19 09:52 PM)

#519565 - 04/03/19 03:03 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Some of spooky2 and for that matter Rife's claims must seem totally unbelievable to you. I have a Rife kit in front of me and parts of it, and its claims I still can't bring myself to believe.
Bio feedback and self diagnosis being one and DNA recognition and action at a distance being another.
Having said that there is plenty of evidence on the Internet attesting to it. Of course as you might expect there's plenty of nay sayers too.
Tesla, Tesla,Tesla - seems this guys candle is burning brightly every one has to mention him or force him into conversation.
The truth is he was exceptional, but in a time that was loaded to the brim with exceptional people you might say eccentric genius. James Clerk Maxwell (for instance) who you have just heard mentioned in the last video was very Autistic. His communication method with the outside world ? Mathematics.
You have just heard Tesla described as 'odd' just how odd I wonder? Well of all the now, thousands of papers,books and video's available on Tesla ( as I said he's very trendy) this more or less an audio description and one which for me at least separates some of the chaff from the wheat.
I urge you to keep studying and researching even if you are not prepared to make the quantum leap in thinking and reality -As yet.
It is true ,it really is there,and it does work, The problem of course is in the circles of your mind, The answer ? more study, so I'm afraid I have to offer yet more home work in the field don't worry you are not wasting your time I promise .
You will (regardless of being aware of it or not) access what Tesla called 'Teleforce'
In short I don't have to produce 'sales patter' - I'm not selling anything anyway !
your own instincts will reliably tell you if I'm projecting at you 'a truth' or 'a lie' its a binary situation there is no either /or perhaps only yes or no.
If you have the slightest doubt then study some more . The truth has that advantage you see, It has depth !! and will never (in fact can't) yield



kindest regards and good health Duncan

Edited by Duncan (04/03/19 09:41 AM)

#519568 - 04/03/19 05:33 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
tvmanjon Offline

Registered: 01/24/19
Posts: 20
Loc: Michigan
Duncan Is it your belief the Phillips lamp will be as good for de-calcification as the plasma? I am so looking forward to give this a test. Your healthy skepticism is what leads to the truth revealing itself. My first AS symptoms stated in 1960 and Dx'd in 1967 (yes last century). I thought I had tried everything until I started reading this forum. Now at 68 yrs old I really want to get off the biologics and daily NSAIDS. The NSD(3 months)has been a big boost and getting my gut healthy seems like its helping but there is still pain. I am bound and determined to beat this once and for all. Once I get the driver I also need the generator but do you know if the lamp could be run off the Scaar instead..and not need the generator so many things to learn and learn as you said Keep researching Jon

#519570 - 04/04/19 05:40 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Hi Jon - As your probably quickly becoming aware this isn't totally unknown technology it is heavily suppressed information. There is a problem when I'm asked if something is as good as - Plasma (for instance) or Scalar the reason being - I don't have anything to test it against , in my own case the symptom's are gone - (I hesitate to say the condition is cured) but to all intense and purposes it seems to be .
That started happening very soon after I discovered the work of the German clinic and the use of the Rife frequency 326 and started injecting myself with high voltage at (and around) that frequency.
Do I think the tube will issue scalar waves ? yes I'm sure it will but like the plasma tube it needs to be close.
Have I personally tried it w.r.t AS ? Jon If I could I would but I can't, Its gone , vamoosed , beaten already so I don't have anything to dip the litmus paper into. (so to speak)
I want that to happen for other folks too and I put the lamp together because I believe from my own understanding of what I have done to myself that it will accomplish exactly that . The Generator isn't essential I guess Jon you might use a humble 555 timer to pulse at 326 or even a cheap function generator but in either case you would then have to manually move around the frequencies as I did with the function generator you also loose the option to run automatically through specific AS programs , but it is a cheap easy option .
Age wise you have the advantage Jon but only by four years or so. I have suffered with AS since my early twenties however it went undiagnosed ' a bad back' I quickly learned ibuprofen was the go to remedy and it quickly became part of my diet.
along with Naproxin and other selections. A couple of years ago they failed and I couldn't get myself out of agony finally at a hospital A & E after various scans the condition was diagnosed - A.S
I was given the same patter I guess everyone here has heard - There is no cure, I was offered a wheel chair and 'blue badge' parking. Like you Jon I simply wanted to be out of pain and be able to get on with my life pretty much as everyone else seems to want to be able to.
I stumbled on an answer through this forum (The German clinic). I was aware of Rife and his work previous to that, but now I felt compelled to try it on myself .
It worked (and quite quickly) (I have a shelf full of ibuprofen and Naproxin if there's any buyer's) Oh and a wheel chair ( its a bit dented here and there because I never really got the hang of it)
68 Jon in this day and age your still very much 'a youngster' at the start of retirement you have the right approach , and I'll write the same thing here for you as I told young Dr Tim .'get rid of this bloody affliction and get on with enjoying your life'
The lamp will emit scalar waves but only at some point in the on/off cycle at that point a 'resonance point' will be crossed and like a radio transmitting antenna at resonance one energy form is transformed to another.
Unlike a radio antenna its not sine wave resonance but at the other end of the spectrum (impulse series resonance)
It was my intention Jon to try and make something that was in 'strategic reach' of most readers here . what I mean by that is a piece of kit that is very effective on one hand and yet affordable for most so folks (even nay sayer's) would be prepared to - 'give her a go'.
There are many interconnected and yet amazing pieces of theory that latch into this treatment which despite the evidence is equally difficult to believe and yet when you carefully dig deeper the proof is there to be seen.
Here is one such sweeping statement that might be useful in a pub quiz but which none of us allows to really sink in . The Human body is made up of 70% - 80% water Really ? It also seems that at a sub atomic level the figure is much higher. So we are really just a bag of water? Can water then feel ? have memory ? love ? react to electrical impulses ? form itself into other substances ? (transmute).
On the surface it doesn't seem at all credible does it ? however lets slow down and see just what water can do. Look into the sky those clouds are carrying millions of tons of water defying gravity around our globe,
Were it all to fall at one time our entire planet would be submerged to an average depth of two meters .
This huge cleansing and irrigation engine has been running our planet for millions of years.

This water may temporarily be in an ocean ,a river , perhaps a dog or cow but eventually in will again go through the cycle its been through many many times before.
Calculating the energy required to drive this huge natural engine informs that 1.5 KW/Hrs is required to fall on every exposed square meter of the globe each day.
Dare to ask what forces are holding that tonnage of water up there ? - you won't get an answer . (suppressed) weather control is proving a very useful weapon.
Thinking loving water? or water with a memory ? let me introduce you to

professor Masaru Emoto

with no further comment from me - If you care to look the evidence is there.
Does water have memory ? ridiculous ? however there is a whole medical field developed from that memory effect Its called


again the evidence is there if you care to look for it.
Does water react to electrical influence ? Here is an electric

water bridge

demonstrated again the evidence is there if you care to look for it.
If we are for the most part water can water then transform into calcium , bone , and basically all our other body parts ?
This is of course very controversial and is historically known as 'transmutation' There is evidence that water can indeed perform transmutation it was demonstrated by Yul Brown transmuting nuclear waste using water gas (Browns gas) in the 1970s Its been repeated more recently by George Wiseman. who has also observed the direct health benefits from using

This energized water gas

Had I not decided to run with the well documented Rife frequency for calcification and been successful .this would have been my very next choice to try.
As far as the questions I posed go ,again the evidence is there if your prepared to seek it out. I wonder Jon do you start to see how things that initially seem to be unrelated start to unify.
The extra calcium we have growing where we'd rather it wasn't might be regarded as a form of cancer in so much as its something growing where it should not, In 1931

Otto Warburg

won the Nobel award for his work on cancer . To be specific he discovered that these growths are anaerobic and are effectively a fermentation process like making wine. conversely cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. Another piece of the energy circle fits neatly into place.
Its not surprising to anyone I'm sure that this seems controversial, Its a big tapestry however as you study and discover the pieces fitting together all from widely differing sources It should (I hope) convince you that its worthwhile engaging in this project at some level. Jon I don't blame you at all for being enthusiastic about trying the amazing tube and that your itching to be trying Rife's technology. It feels nice to be giving AS a thumping instead of the other way around ! remember to keep us informed of progress too . There are many hopeful and interested readers plugging for you and me of course.
kind regards Duncan

Edited by Duncan (04/04/19 08:44 AM)

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