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#518729 - 05/23/18 08:37 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Robin_H Offline

Registered: 09/13/15
Posts: 292
Loc: Central Canada
Good to hear.
HLA-B27 neg, vague AS symptoms in 20s and early 30s
1993:fibromyalgia (age 25)
2013.07:Reverse blockage in a SCUBA accident
2013.08:Scratched by a sick cat
2013.09:Strange sore throat then meningitis
2014:Chronic inflammation at the base of the skull
2014 to early 2015:excess NSAID use developed complete axial inflammation, included psoriasis
NSD helped well and but was not perfect
2018.07: weak +'ve tests for borrelia, babesia, bartonella and mycoplasma pneumonia using Armin Lab, ANA=equivocal

#518730 - 05/24/18 03:52 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Thanks Robin - Better still this morning but not easy to describe unless to a fellow sufferer . getting up and about is not an easy time - anyone reading knows its a symptom of AS . No less for me .
It is now 'out of pain' but not without what I can only describe as unpleasant stiffness. It doesn't last long but for a little while I have the stiff gait of an automaton .
That's also noticeably on the decline. This morning I spent very little time sitting . It needs more time to be sure but as far as I can tell that's improving quickly too !
Its a real pleasure being 'pain free' If getting up also becomes more of a pleasure and less of a chore I'll be a very happy bunny indeed.
That isn't to say I'm not absolutely delighted with 'me now' compared to 'me five months ago' I just wish I could wave a magic wand for everyone else.
Something's working for me here and so I'll just keep doing it !
Blessings on you all I wish you the same luck somewhere along the line - Duncan

#518736 - 05/26/18 02:40 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
As you good people reading me know - It's a testing operation ,In more ways than one. There is a food connection I can't deny it (even to myself) anymore. yesterday I deliberately ate a double helping of what we all know 'isn't good' (apparently) 'starch.' Stir fry (olive oil) and lots of noodles - twice. Strawberries and fresh cream !
I still used the Mexico tube and Rife decalcification frequencies - thats good beyond any question now, at least for me.
Had I eaten that a few months ago it would have near cut me in half. It didn't this time however I did feel a difference. - a warning, that spasm I'm sure you all know . the spasm that can increase quickly into intense pain , or subside . It immediately subsided with no pain . It was fleeting but still I revise 'I eat what I want' (Its now clear I can't) . I have to write I can eat what I want 'in moderation'
The phanotron tube which I have been using to apply the Rife de-calcification frequency (326 hz) to my lower back I have moved . I applied the plasma bulb to my lower back because that seemed to be the source of stiffness. I'm beginning to suspect that isn't quite right. Moving the Phanotron to an area high up,almost at the back of the neck seems to relieve a lot of that stress.
I can only suggest that the area we feel discomfort isn't necessarily the site of the trauma causing that discomfort .
I intend to get a bit more liberal with the application of the phanotron whilst continuing as usual with the Philip's tube.
I'm learning 'on the hoof' and still things are getting better despite self inflicted dips here and there.
View it as you might other members 'testing food's' It's simply got to be done.
Kindest regards Duncan

#518741 - 05/27/18 04:29 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Robin_H Offline

Registered: 09/13/15
Posts: 292
Loc: Central Canada
Hello Duncan:

I am aware that the Spooky2 delivers its effects through four different modes called plasma, contact, PEMF, and remote. Are you using the Spooky2 (made in China)?

Is the Phanotron your plasma device? Is the gas truly in a plasma state and only so when pulsed?

I assume that the Phillips bulb is for the PEMF mode or am I mistaken? What normally is used for the PEMF mode?

I believe that the signal is strictly DC. Right? Have you tried using an antenna and scoping the signal to look at the wave form? I am curious about ringing transients. Careful if you have not done it and are going to try it. I have blown up a small circuit in an oscilloscope because I didn't do the math before doing the experiment. After blowing up the sweep generator in the oscilloscope I decided to do the math and discovered that I had put about a 70kV spike into it that lasted maybe a microsecond. The circuit limit was maybe 50 volts. The test apparatus was a pulsed DC circuit which probably isn't unlike what is used in Rife. It was 25 years ago and don't remember the details.

I know a few people with Lyme Disease and success varies.

Dr Holly Ahern (a microbiologist) did in-vitro experiments of bioresonance combined with low level antibiotics and her team observed that death rates of a number of different species of bacteria is accelerated. She hypothesizes that the biofilm that the bacteria hide in is broken up to allow the antibiotics in.

Also, I have a friend that had a 10-year old skin infection all over his body that doctors could not budge using topical antibiotics, steroids and other potions. Needless to say it was ruining his marriage. He worked at a biomedical lab that happened to make biofilm busters and so they made a special soap for him that contained one of their biofilm buster compounds. Within three months of use his own immune system was able to irradiate all of the infection with the help of the biofilm buster; he didn't need any antibiotics.

He and I believe part of my problem is that my illness is hiding in biofilms and my immune system can't get at it. I have tried using N-acytl cystine (NAC), EDTA and serripeptase. If I take the two affore mentioned ones before bed, as recommended (empty stomach), I get sick -- a Herxheimer reaction. It seems that my detox pathways are rather slow. I have stopped using them because I feel that I am just stirring up dust and spreading it.

I feel that my infections are primarily intracellular. I've never heard of intracellular biofilms but can not see why they can not exist.

Klebs is a common entity among AS victims but one hypothesis I have is that it is working synergystically by sending signals to other species of microbes that are in the collagen and interfering with the protein folding when the body is trying to repair damage from inflammation. Some researchers are obsessed with why the protein misfolds in the special case of HLA-B27. Perhaps that is not important and it is best just to get rid of the microbe that is in the collagen which not only interferes with the protein folding but the cause of the inflammation. If the microbe wasn't in the collagen then the Klebs would have no effect. I get this idea from how HPV interferes with the DNA self-correcting mechanism during mitosis. Perhaps it's really a virus in the collagen. How to work in the effects of biologics isn't impossible. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

May the Force be with you!

#518742 - 05/27/18 08:57 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Robin_H]
Robin_H Offline

Registered: 09/13/15
Posts: 292
Loc: Central Canada
Well Google found my answer in a split second just by me taking a look.
  1. Alzheimers Disease: The Novel Finding of Intracellular Biofilms (2017)
  2. Bacterial Biofilms: Development, Dispers...tantibiotic Era (2013)
  3. Potent Antibacterial Nanoparticles against Biofilm and Intracellular Bacteria (2015)
So intracellular biofilms exist and they are already working on getting bullets to them. Furthermore the first article mentions that the Lyme bacteria seems to be the cause of Alzheimers in some cases. It is probably true.

The annoying thing is that, on average, it takes 18 years for research to get into practice. One must seek a doctor that is doing research!

#518755 - 06/01/18 01:30 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Its been a few days since I wrote on forum (sadly missed ?) simply because for the most part all I can report is more of the same - steady improvement.
Hi Robin - sorry been away for a while I'll attempt a few better answers for you shortly . Yes the Rife machine I'm using is 'made in China . although I also have one I made some years ago.
I tend to use the Phanotron set to the DE-calcification frequency . To amplify on that a little the developer John White has written extensive programs which embrace all known frequencies so effectively a computer is running the timing and sequence . although provision is still there to feed externally with a TTL input if you wish (function generator or whatever)
yes the plasma certainly is visible most of the time.
There are a selection of carrier waves that might be used . The carrier wave I selected is 1.3 Mhz . there is then a Heterodyne operation with the frequency of interest ( in our case usually 326hz) were it sine waves then Fouriers transforms would apply however its a fast switching square wave being used. ( switched DC if you like)
oddly resonance still applies . you may see that here, as a square wave is transformed into an amplified sine wave .

The mathematics of this defy inspection . for square wave read impulse wave (since the time base is arbitrary) and since every waveform can be derived from a sine wave and its clear an impulse wave can produce a sine wave every thing becomes possible .
Alas it leads to the hieratic world and hidden science of the 'longitudinal wave' the existence, science and maths has long been hidden and suppressed in the electrical field.

It doesn't escape me that this technology which Rife was undoubtedly using was more cause for suppression than his medical results.
I've made no attempt to look at the waveform being fed to the Phanotron apart from with a 'sniffer loop' It seems just as advertised . I have put a scope on the signal generator . - very crisp square waves my frequency counter centered straight away on 326, indeed the spookey generator is more stable than my commercial function generator .
From your writing Robin you seem a deal more medically informed than me . Some of these Rife experiences were repeated not to many years ago with a alternative energy researcher called John Bedini and a biologist Dr Robert Strecker here FYI is a short clip of Paramecium being destroyed using a phanotron .
(from this web site)
John as I understand it,at the time was principally interested in resuscitating one of Rife's microscopes which had been located (That soon disappeared) the 'bug stuff' with Dr Strecker being a side line.
I don't really understand the obsession with Rife's microscope. It was very good at the time . Undoubtedly the best in the world but since then the technology hasn't stood still . This microscope probably has the legs on Rife's microscope

So in brief Robin and IMHO - The principles work, they have been and are being tested by thousands of people world wide now. (like me)
The microscopes are and have been available for many years as with this somatascope from 45 years ago. The frequencies and principles could be re - tested and confirmed quite easily if the powers that be would allow. Anyway enough 'rant' and back to the mundane just as most will have experimented with food so I have been faced with the same options here.
Just as you might want to know what you can eat ,how much and how often so I have set about trying to find out what , and how much, and how often,
I find I need both systems ( Rife and the Mexico tube ) to be really effective. using either for protracted periods also has a reaction effect . I have tried running both (separately) overnight - The result is a very bad next day .
I next tried using the tube alone . I suspect this is very effective over a long period of time with the help of a physiotherapist still I felt a difference immediately , It was much more difficult early morning experience.
I'm still changing things about slightly by feel and experience /feedback but 45 Mins every second day with the tube and 1 hr with the Rife machine set on the calcification frequency with the plasma bulb aimed at and close to, the lower spine seems to answer well. As I write this I'm also running the frequency set specific to Ankylosing spondylitis .
I am eating pretty much what I wish whilst trying to eat to be 'healthy' at the same time. Progress may seem slow to others however from a wheelchair in A&E in horrible pain three months ago with a very black outlook I'm delighted to be where I am .
I can't swear to it but I think there still a lot of gas left in the tank and a lot more improvements to come.
Blessings folks I wish a good day for you

Edited by Duncan (06/01/18 01:40 AM)

#518760 - 06/04/18 11:17 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Still continuing along the same path - although after running the frequency set designed for A.S (which runs for 1Hr 6mins) I feel nauseous and find balance difficult for a little while. So I have it in mind to run more detox in order to see if it helps with the reaction . Because I have no idea of time lag Its difficult to tell which particular frequencies among the set are causing the reaction still if you held a gun to my head and forced a judgment I would say its 28 Hz.
focusing on another link in the chain that goes to make up the progression of Anklosing Spondylitis
'Klebsiella pneumoniae' Is writ large .
I have just searched the frequency sets for Klebsiella pneumoniae and find which is often the case to many sets to even shake a long stick at ! I also find there are different strains of Klebsiella pneumoniae (allegedly)
I have it in mind to run a CAFL frequency set
aimed directly at pneumonia Klebsiella .
What is slightly annoying is once the high tension feeds to the plasma bulb start there is interference with almost all electrical equipment including my computers sound system and wifi links . still a minor price to pay
kindest regards Duncan

Edited by Duncan (06/04/18 11:38 PM)

#518761 - 06/05/18 01:30 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Robin I see you consider Alzheimer's and other auto immune connections . I find it difficult to seperate the wheat from the chaff in the Internet age particularly when there are vested interests that certainly do not want you to.
An example of this might be a friend of mine (Wilson) He had been diagnosed with MS at the age of 32.
I'm sure you know all about MS and the effects so I wont dwell to long on that description. Wilson now aged 68 was forced to retire at the age of 42 and required progressively more assistance and aids. sticks wheel chairs . stair lift , adapted car for his wife to drive. I'm sure you can imagine - Its a story all to oft told.
Wilson still got down to the local pub now and again which is where I met him . I began researching MS on his behalf hoping to be able to help him a little .
What I discovered was disturbing and in another way dangerous, in so much as I came quite close to killing the man by accident.
I of course spent a deal more time with Wilson than any Dr could afford to . I read up on the subject and observed . I didn't believe Wilson had MS at all .
In due course I was proved right but in a culture where we have been trained to sue everyone for everything and anything thats a rocky road.
- The tale of Wilson - In due course as I researched some ten years ago I came across this association

In other words (as I read it) Hughes syndrome (professor Hughes being the Welsh discoverer) could effectively mimic MS . the percentage unknown as it wasn't and still isn't automatically tested for.
I printed the work off and took it to Wilson . (He didn't and still doesn't own a computer).
Wilson decided to experiment with aspirin , The effect was astonishing . two days later he walked 3/4 of a mile to the pub and walked home again.
Alas I'm no Dr and can't write scrips of give directions . I can't imagine what it felt like for Wilson to be out of pain and out of his wheel chair for the first time in years.
I do know what happened next - He read the directions on the aspirin bottle and gobbled the maximum amount allowable each day.
It resulted in a minor stroke ! (not surprising when you understand what Hughes syndrome is) - The medical practice of course doesn't want to admit to a wrong diagnosis . The NHS still doesn't test for Hughes syndrome as a matter of course regarding MS.
The Multiple sclerosis society has scant regard for Hughes syndrome. However like all the 'societies' world wide they are themselves a product of the drugs industries and cartels set up and promoted by the Rockefeller foundation to prevent any real advancement or change in the status quo.
so what then of Alzheimer's ? an awful affliction that seems on the rise. I cast about for connections much as I'm doing here with frequencies . There is a connection noticed betwixt Alzheimer's and aluminum sauce pans . sounds insane, doesn't it ? Lets look at it anyway, after all it might be inconvenient
to throw away a few saucepans - but in the scheme of things what does that matter?

well wheat or Chaff Robin ? I don't know! I do know I invested in a couple of 'le Creuset' cast saucepans just in case . Better to cook with anyway .
kind regards Duncan

Edited by Duncan (06/05/18 01:42 AM)

#518762 - 06/07/18 12:21 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
For those considering this alternative it would be very wrong of me to simply keep painting a rosy picture when as with everything else there are drawbacks and effects.
It is for the most part viable alternatives I'm trying here tested by others in clinics . Deviations from the path are simply me developing enough courage to try 'something else'
all of these 'treatments' have a side effect and they usually are not pleasant. Its quite encouraging to watch a short clip of bacterium shocked and killed by a flash of plasma, Its easy to imagine one quick flash aimed at say Klebsiella pneumoniae and every-things - 'set fair ' . you'll notice I did exactly that but it isn't how things pan out.
First there's a 'time factor ' It takes an hour of your time to run the frequency set . quite frankly an hour when I'd rather be doing something else.
there's always a reaction Rife himself noted it . Its called a Herxheimer reaction - Its unpleasant and has various effects on me ranging from nausea to short periods of the intense pain I had during a bad 'flair up'
As an example you recall I ran a frequency set for Klebsiella the immediate reaction was nausea and that was followed early the next day by diarrhea . A morning of the skitters! Again when I wished to be else where!.
Simply using the decalcification frequency also has an effect , As a fellow AS sufferer your aware that getting up first thing is a 'bad time' although thats relative . In my case it used to be a bloody awful time. I'm out of pain now and so Its much better although I'm not springing about like a gymnast (yet)
The point I try to make is using Plasma or tube that same condition re-visits immediately. Effectively I have to 'get up' twice, the reaction seems to mimic the original condition in some way.
It perhaps sounds counter productive to do something that seems to make matters worse ! The point is its temporary and the effect on me overall is - steady improvement.
Pretty much following along the lines pointed out by both of the clinics I cited.
Realistically what are the medical options anyway ?
1/The official dogma remains unchanged - Its a chronic condition ergo - there is no cure (despite contrary evidence across this forum from Radon,anti biotic or Rife for instance)
2/ We have no idea of the cause (well forgive me for putting it crudely but we might conclude the official medical avenue is about as much use as tits on a kipper!)
So no idea of the cause, no idea of the cure. drugs and painkillers with lets be honest not good side effects are the option .
Its an option I too was forced to take when I knew no better. Its months now since I went near any prescription medication . apart from a slight ache now and again, pain free months .
That alone is worth a gold bar I'm sure I don't need to tell you that! I wouldn't like to write I can eat what I want because I'm pretty sure if I spent a week eating 'hot dogs' I would pretty soon be in trouble of some sort, still within reason I'm eating just what everyone else in the family is eating with no ill effects (and yes the odd hot dog too).
So folks there are 'effects' some unexpected running the frequency set specific to Ankylosing Spondylitis for instance resulted in not only nausea but vomiting.
Although neither clinical report refers to reactions it seems obvious to me now why the treatment time was so long and exposure time limited.
In my simplistic view of things amazing as the human body is it takes time to cleanse itself . so to precis . There are side effects, they are unpleasant and variable. I still wouldn't mind betting a lot less unpleasant than the pharmaceutical alternative.
That needs to be weighed against (In my case) steady and sometimes dramatic improvement. - wishing you all better health regardless- Duncan

Edited by Duncan (06/07/18 12:28 AM)

#518764 - 06/07/18 02:58 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Robin_H Offline

Registered: 09/13/15
Posts: 292
Loc: Central Canada
Thanks for the update Duncan. I have been reading this thread with interest and as many of your references as possible. Some of them are long and I can not keep focus for long due to pain.

I am confused. Do you have a coil to drive the plasma bulb? I have read that longitudinal EM waves can be generated by both, and so have you used both as a energy-to-tissue transducer?


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