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#518685 - 05/09/18 07:51 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Robin_H Offline

Registered: 09/13/15
Posts: 292
Loc: Central Canada
Take your time Duncan:

When I read your posts it sounds like I am reading about someone with a similar personality to mine: a sudden burst of energy, make lots of changes, then blows the experiments because of messing with too many variables at the same time, then blows himself up and spends three days recovering. Too much enthusiasm and perhaps a lack of patience.

I did two overlapping experiments -- one based on "AS controlled" was eating only fruit and juicing vegetables, and even adding rice; too many changes at once! The second began about two weeks after the first and that was putting two doses of colostrum into the diet. By the end of the three weeks in the middle of the evenings I started to think death was coming soon. I think the big nono was the fruit. I stopped it all and went back to what has been working best for me.

Moral of the story: one thing at a time and go slow. I sort of understand why the pharmaceutical companies normally take a long time to get a new drug out because of all the steps needed. Us patients have no patience.

But what we are doing here is part of big data called Crowd Sourcing; an aspect of the democratization of medicine/science . We just need more structure (database and experimental design) and scientists with deep knowledge participating

#518686 - 05/10/18 01:08 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Hi Robin - yes there are frequencies logged specific to Klebselia - In fact as I survey the lists the problem rather is - far to many different frequencies from different researchers . I assume many of those are harmonics .
All of this technology is Based on the work of Royal Raymond Rife and the principles of sympathetic or coordinative resonance.
I'm Strongly in favour of the de - calcification frequency because it appears in many lists is tried and tested and remains unchanged 326 Hz. - Its a low frequency and quite easy to keep pure . Thats why I keep relying on it. Even though It may seem that I have a reckless approach thats not the case. Its true that I have abandoned the prescribed medicine , It masks feeling and effect and pains , I have realized I have to feel my way forward , just as you might test and try what you can eat (or not) .
I might dispute the 'each of us is different' observation Robin - if you'll excuse. at least in this context
There are I suggest different degree's of viciousness but its the same breed of dog . you quote the specific frequency set I run for A.S - It runs for just over an hour (66 mins) (In fact its running as I write). there are 26 specific frequency changes some quite drastic.
It does make me feel nauseous quickly - herxheimer reaction ? I too can only put a question mark there.
The frequency range of the tube ! with different gases and frequencies a tube can be made to emit anything pretty much including 'black light' reading the Mexico clinic report the spectrum of the lamp is given . I simply matched that spectrum as closely as I could to a commercial tube . It is perhaps coincidence that tube also does Jaundice duty on babies but I think not.
Here are the spec's on that tube . at the bottom of the webpage you'll see a graph of the light frequency spectrum, It is what I used to Spec the lamp alongside the Mexico report - The power ratio's I ignored.In truth its probably that tube in that lamp in Mexico but I can't cross my heart on that.

Just my view you understand - But as I progress it is that , The tube is very effective , its quicker and produces more reaction than the Phantotron . If you want to be out of pain quickly and be able to move about the tube does that ( at least it does for me) Its just like a big fire blanket if you like.
Just as the mexico clinic records - very cost effective . effective being the most important bit.
What it doesn't and can't do Robin is pin point anything specific . It can't for instance specifically aim at calcification and reverse the effects . ergo increase mobility beyond a certian point. .
Thats medically recorded as being impossible and so takes something special, very special
Here the Phantotron comes into its own . It is helium filled as Rife's own Phantotron was, Its light spectrum is much the same as the tube again that might be coincidence - but I think not.
What is different and important is the light can be 'modulated' In simple terms the 326hz already well established to break down calcification can get to the coal face. I don't simply point these things at myself in a random fashion Robin there is some medical grounding to what I do.
In the case of this amazing de- calcification it originates from this report from a clinic in Germany
using the same equipment (ish) and the same frequency. - I extract the section of interest - and paste it for you

An Email List member asked, "I am very interested in spine calcification better known as Ankylosying Spondylitis. "
Jan. 10, 2001: Guess it's time to write this report:
A Therapist in Germany has reported to me privately of two individuals responding well in treatments with the EM+. 328 Hz (and 326 Hz) are the key frequencies, it appears- I'd given him the 328 Hz several months ago.
One lady 32, the other 40, had been totally immobilized- 0% range of motion in their spine, 22 vertebrae fused solid with the calcification.
Working with the EM+ allows direct application of the plasma tube to specific target areas, such as the spine, with the result of much greater amplitude of induced resonance than can be achieved deep within the body, apparently more so than with any 'radiant mode only' method of inducing resonance.
Previous reports from researchers working with Prostate Cancer volunteers in the US report using EKG electrode gel to further enhance the conduction of components of the spiral plasma hand piece's resonant signal more directly into selected target areas, such as tumor sites, etc. Another commonly available option for this use is KY Jelly.
As best I can remember the phone conversation, in about the second treatment session, he could literally hear 'pops' or 'snaps' in the area of the spine being treated, as the excess calcification began to break down. Further sessions have resulted in the excess calcification literally dissolving and 'liquefying', according to his report.
The Medical College nearby has been doing the testing, and reports that both subjects have now regained form 70% to 75% of the normal range of motion in their spines. They also at the same time still claim that this is impossible, that this condition is non-reversible according to their understanding.... yet they are doing the tests and scans and can not argue with the results being achieved.

as a matter of politeness I note It is from this web site -

next Robin you show an interest in the specs of the Phantotron . Some of my Rife equipment is 'home brew' being an electrician and a Radio Ham I can build - if I have to . however The massive population of China where I see you live has started to embrace Rife , The frequencies and building the equipment .
It adds a huge data base and cheap (relatively) source of equipment.
This drive was instigated by a New Zealand guy called John white.
Here is John and some of the team who traveled from china to lecture on the subject in this case in Ireland.Echo Lee , thats a brave determined girl.

you'll get the gist and intent of their work very fast Robin and its from them I bought this Phantotron
they in turn spec'd on Rifes original manufacture . I hope I haven't bombed you with to much information Robin ! Its still working for me .
My kindest regards Duncan
PS - I wasn't feeling burnt out - I simply couldn't seem to get my words in order. you asked much in short order - I do agree some sort of mass testing needs implimenting to benefit all - that needs some thought .

Edited by Duncan (05/10/18 02:52 AM)

#518698 - 05/12/18 12:13 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
well as far as I can tell there's improvement - I say as far as I can tell because another fate overtook me .
The saga of the electric bike.- The frame of this bike is just a little to large for your's truly . Its also of the variety once referred to as 'a mans bike' In other words you have to swing your leg over the saddle one way or another. 99 times out of a hundred it works , all is fine . although aware at the crucial point it could go wrong ! - yesterday It did . The maneuver was pretty good - just the same as always . however the jeans I was wearing had slipped just a little bit ,probably because I'm eating a little less and better.
The crutch caught the seat --- Clatter - what a bloody clatter too and a fine public display !
Straight into a Park bench , the back of . Its a nice warm day and so unfortunately there's plenty of 'public' about.
The don't help the [*bleep*] start taking pictures and filming me !
OK so I've got a fractured rib to join the jamboree now. - Bloody whoopee !
The fall itself was like a belt with a sledge hammer . I was about 10 mins sitting on that park seat watched by the sniggering great unwashed before I could move at all . somehow I got back on that bloody bike and out of there .
Well this morning my Ribs hurt , that restricts movement . Its now hard to judge because there's an X factor ! you'll probably see my fall from grace on youtube in due course , enjoy ! I assure you -- I didn't !
Kindest regards Duncan
PS I noted the number of posts in this section just before writing -66666 - just about right! probably touched that bloody bike with one of his horns or a cloven hoof !

Edited by Duncan (05/12/18 03:00 AM)

#518701 - 05/13/18 02:14 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Much better day - sure I hurt myself . It caused No flair up ! Its to be expected my spine is changing .
I can mow lawns - ride bikes - bend and flex . If I fall (and I will ) so be it ! again - I'm better than I was .
peace and health to you - Duncan

#518722 - 05/17/18 01:03 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Robin_H Offline

Registered: 09/13/15
Posts: 292
Loc: Central Canada
So far I'm reducing inflammation by using diet. Reducing inflammation reduces neuropathy and slows calcification. Obviously if the calcification can be reversed then the neuropathy can improve. I would opt for trying Rife before surgery.
HLA-B27 neg, vague AS symptoms in 20s and early 30s
1993:fibromyalgia (age 25)
2013.07:Reverse blockage in a SCUBA accident
2013.08:Scratched by a sick cat
2013.09:Strange sore throat then meningitis
2014:Chronic inflammation at the base of the skull
2014 to early 2015:excess NSAID use developed complete axial inflammation, included psoriasis
NSD helped well and but was not perfect
2018.07: weak +'ve tests for borrelia, babesia, bartonella and mycoplasma pneumonia using Armin Lab, ANA=equivocal

#518723 - 05/17/18 03:26 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Hi Robin - Frequencies are working for me ! I'm out of pain and moving better. I would suggest surgery only as a last resort . As I'm using both a Rife specific machine and the Philips TL 20W/52 SLV/25 tube at the same time.
Its impossible for me to say which is having most impact .
Its certainly cheaper and easier to go for the 20 Watt florescent tube . It will fit in any standard 2 Foot 18w T8 fluorescent tube fitting - In short - Its a light bulb how hard is that?
We view this calcification as solid bone , It isn't, although it bloody feels like it ! ask a surgeon and you'll be told they scoop the stuff out almost like ice cream. There are it seems hundreds if not thousands of nerve endings involved too almost like hairs.
Here then is another part of the equation IMHO - fluid ! The text books tell us our bodies are circa 80% water . At a sub molecular level much higher , one of those odd facts we tend to ignore.
add frequencies , add more fluid , add some gentle exercise,
The calcium has formed against our wishes to liquify it ,flush it away and excrete it - should be the ambition.
I'm finding its not an overnight operation its a little like turning back a year or so in time, every week . Pains and sensations visit I remember from years past, visit stay a short time and go their merry way.
I can now eat whatever I wish but do so with moderation. I am out of pain and moving better. The medications are long gone apart from vitamins which I take more from habit I think.
I Am starting to think of returning to normal work duties.
From being painfully moved around the hospital in a wheel chair a few months ago with those seemingly never ending excruciating 'spasm's ' I'm sure your only to aware of ! the change on reflection is a remarkable blessing.
Movement is still restricted first thing in the morning until I have forced thirty paces or so.
I walked some 6 miles along the sea front yesterday , sure I was slow I certainly didn't overtake anyone and I had to sit a few times,(I had no sticks) does it matter to anyone else if I sit a while ?
Doing these little things I couldn't do a short time ago and some I could only do years ago is huge to me !
Lets be honest to get out of pain is huge never mind anything else, to have that intense bottomless spasm waiting in the wings to attack is bloody awful . oddly now and again If I catch the wrong movement the spasm sensation is there but without the pain . Its still a little frighting I find myself bracing to engage the pain a pain - that isn't there. I guess that will pass to in time too.
Like Robin I suggest your carefully read case histories and make balanced decisions . Take control of what is happening and being done to you. - Here's a clinical trial of the tube -

About half way down this webpage you'll find a report from a German clinic using a Rife based machine in 2001 headed - update from Germany

you may be thinking - If such simple therapy works , everyone would be doing it ! That isn't how the medical 'Industry' works. If it doesn't make maximum profit you won't see it ! There's not much profit in a 'light bulb' for instance.
Watch the fight of Harry Hoxey as a simple example. Simple Cancer cures that eclipsed the efforts of pharmaceuticals. They did at the time 'and it seems still do' . They are also 'not generally available'

I can't suggest you do this or that or t'other - there's laws to prevent me doing so.
What I can strongly suggest is you take control of what is done to you and why. carefully weigh up the risk of a half hour with a light bulb every few days (for instance) against being cut about.
Also be aware I'm happy to help anyone along the path I'm walking providing it's their decision . I'm only a PM away - My kindest regards Duncan

Edited by Duncan (05/17/18 05:26 AM)

#518725 - 05/18/18 12:43 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
As Nights and mornings go - not particularly good. Having said that its all relative! It seems to me there's a balance that has to be found. If you read the case histories I've presented you'll see they run for specific times and a certain number of sessions .
Why not for instance leave the lamp on all the time ?
Why not simply get the job done as quickly as possible ? who judges that timing and why?
I'm not 100 % certain but it seems to me, If you stretch the the timing you feel bloody awful! (thats all I know anyway) its not the piercing pain that accompanies a flair up , not that intense torment that takes your breath away rather a constant dull ache, reminiscent of what was called 'stitch' when running.
Its enough to ensure 'no sleep' and its becoming clear sleep is also very important if your recovering from A.S. (probably anything else too I guess)
Some if not all of us have some degree of kyphosis and what appearers to be happening is thats slowly reversing. Muscles are coming back into play that have been dormant a long time. I'm pretty much forced upright often against my will as these long wasted muscles demand to flex. Sure it aches and isn't pleasant but when compared to the alternative , what then ?
Over even the short time I've been writing on this forum the change has been phenomenal, Still I feel I need to slow down !
Things continue to change. I'm pretty sure for the better. although at this particular 'instant' in time it doesn't feel like it. There are reactions to these frequencies . I'm going to take my foot off the gas peddle a little bit.
Best regards Duncan

#518726 - 05/18/18 11:58 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Ah so much better blessed sleep makes such a difference This ache I describe isn't new . I recall it from twenty years ago (ish) It feels as if someone has kicked me hard on the right hand side about eight inches under the right armpit . wasn't there a song ? "It takes my breath away" . As I wrote previous it is very much a trip back in time but even more unpleasant than the original ride.
twenty years ago I didn't stop to consider the cause . I simply assumed I'd bashed myself , stretched something getting into an attic perhaps, I took Ibuprofen - It did what its done for most of us ! The symptom disappeared. If your on this forum you know now as I do - its not a cure.
I have a box in front of me now (because I couldn't spell Ibuproen) I know I can make it go away I also know I'll lose touch and feel in the fog if I do it that way .
Not I ! your servant I . - my opponent has declared, - I will fight! Our bodies themselves are a stunning miracle there is simply a quirk introduced thats thrown things out of balance. My nose is running like a tap again this morning . A sure sign my systems up and fighting - something !
So how might I sum this up ? I'm struggling and in pain , relief could be almost instant with ibuprofen or naproxen. I choose not ! No no no ! and thats no fun as you might imagine. You too have sucked that lemon !
Still now I can feel it. move with it . ultimately control it! Say what you will Ankylosing Spondylitis is a worthy opponent, a master of disguise.
View it if you like as a cuckoo in the nest 'that is you' .
show the parent bird theres a parasite ! - your nose will run too!
The pain is no less real than it was twenty years ago . The desire to take Ibuprofen more so . such as my readers (reader) is I'll re-introduce lamp and Rife this day !
Its me thats weak (I hate pain) not the technology. I swear Rife was a 'good egg' 'theres roses'
Big oil , pharmaceuticals , corporations, I don't smell roses ! The box with Ibuprofen writ large is in front of me,- I don't smell roses. I smell corruption !! again, as we all must as best we can , I'm going to get about my business. - as usual I bless you this morning and send kind regards Duncan

Edited by Duncan (05/19/18 12:17 AM)

#518727 - 05/20/18 12:58 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
I wish - oh how I wish this was 'instant' press the button ' all stiffness and pain go away' It isn't ! Its fast very fast but a long way from instant.
I'm getting up quicker ,easier , moving faster , but its still not fun and elation ! It is however astounding compared to just a few months ago . eating pretty much what I wish . (chicken and chips last night) off all medication I am the test bed and the instrument here !
Its all futile if the instruments fogged up with pills.
I am running the same Rife frequencies - De -calcification 326hz which appears over and over again in many situations .
I make sure I run the frequency set from the consolidated list specifically aimed at Ankylosing Spondylitis - Its running now as I write . That set of frequencies is here
I also run the lamp at some point . I have had to slow down a little bit . I'm finding there are reactions.
running the AS frequency set for instance will make you feel nauseous and sick after a short while.
I retch and want to vomit . well that doesn't sound fun does it ? until you or I compare it to what was!
'what was' in my case being a painful wheelchair.
Its sad that one of the symptoms of AS is depression . I'm not sure where that fits ! what comes first chicken or egg ? I'll quite happily point the official medico view out to you .1/ Cause - unknown .
2/ reason for flare ups and pain - unknown 3/ cure ? there is none /unknown ergo its chronic.
Let me ask you a question - Of what use are these [*bleep*] to you ? don't know ,can't do ,won't do
I respectfully suggest about as much use as titts on a kipper!
Do watch the story of Harry Hoxey to understand the gravity of the torture thats being endured for no good reason , other than rich men's profit.
lies ? bollix ? perhaps a little of both ? whatever its a little bit you don't have access to - a little bit I'm telling you works.(how well I don't know yet)
buy a light bulb there's a start - how hard is that ?
A better morning !and bless you ,I too have to rise , kindest regards Duncan

#518728 - 05/22/18 01:52 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
still happy to report slowly changing for the better.

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