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#518630 - 04/26/18 02:18 AM A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
My first effort at a thread - forgive my errors
Those kind enough to read me may find my musings erratic . There is a logic and I ask you to stay with it and try and follow what might seem like Tennysons Babbling brook.
You have I would hope followed my previous posts in some detail . Including some postings on Rife. current pulsing , electromagnetic pulsing .. Its seems a long story but the veracity is difficult to test. I am but one guinea pig.
The indications are to me at least that if there's to be a silver bullet found that will work for us all the answers going to be modulated light. There is a light emitting globe arriving soon that I hope to begin pulsing myself with . Its called a 'Phanotron' It is the Method Rife used himself to deliver MORs (mortal oscillatory frequencies)

Now I don't claim it's cheap but I'm going to suggest an alternative which had I of read about it - I would have tried first.
Regarding the Rife tube and frequency delivery I ask you to stay with me whilst I unite three seemingly separate incidences occurring at different times on different forums That have in common Ankylosing Spondylitis associated with outstanding recovery.
The first is a Rife driven machine pulsing a Phanotron to deal with spine calcification. Its an advance on what I'm doing now with high voltage - hence a tube is on the way.

regard then this extract ( although I'm obliged to link to the web page itself too)

An Email List member asked, "I am very interested in spine calcification better known as Ankylosying Spondylitis. "
Jan. 10, 2001: Guess it's time to write this report:
A Therapist in Germany has reported to me privately of two individuals responding well in treatments with the EM+. 328 Hz (and 326 Hz) are the key frequencies, it appears- I'd given him the 328 Hz several months ago.
One lady 32, the other 40, had been totally imobilized- 0% range of motion in their spine, 22 vertebrae fused solid with the calcification.
Working with the EM+ allows direct application of the plasma tube to specific target areas, such as the spine, with the result of much greater amplitude of induced resonance than can be achieved deep within the body, appearantly moreso than with any 'radiant mode only' method of inducing resonance.
Previous reports from researchers working with Prostate Cancer volunteers in the US report using EKG electrode gell to further enhance the conduction of components of the spiral plasma hand piece's resonant signal more directly into selected target areas, such as tumor sites, etc. Another commonly available option for this use is KY Jelly.
As best I can remember the phone conversation, in about the second treatment session, he could litterally hear 'pops' or 'snaps' in the area of the spine being treated, as the excess calcification began to break down. Further sessions have resulted in the excess calcification literally disolving and 'liquefying', according to his report.
The Medical Collge nearby has been doing the testing, and reports that both subjects have now regained form 70% to 75% of the normal range of motion in their spines. They also at the same time still claim that this is impossible, that this condition is non-reversable according to their understanding.... yet they are doing the tests and scans and can not argue with the results being achieved.

from this web page Impressive I think you'll agree - If you believe.

Whats now required is evidence that 'light' in this frequency spectrum can alter and effect the condition of our unwelcome quest.
I again take the liberty of posting from another forum regarding AS - This time (spooky2) - The spooky being a Rife machine

Post by Antonio Pinto ยป Wed Mar 25, 2015 6:54 pm
For my wife, who had long suffered from ankylosing spondylitis, the preferred device for her pain relief (used along the spine) was a certain 'Vityas quantum therapy device Cold Laser', which still can be found on eBay for a little more than 100 euros. What contributed to her healing was a combination of various methods and protocols, including a specific diet. So, i just want to say that this device (apparently unpromising, judging by the low price) really worked to relieve her excruciating pain. Of course, the device manual covers a lot of ground, but i'll not make any claims regarding the cure of this or that.

I didn't followed the Vityas manual in all the operational details, but if it may contribute to some extra ideas regarding light therapy, wavelengths, application time, etc., here is the link to the english manual (my 2007 version):

(from this thread )

I don't endorse of suggest any of this to you , I'm not a medical practitioner - I'm joining the patches together to make a quilt for you to look at.

Light in a spectrum seems quite important - I'll get very much cheaper and more effective with that in a moment.
Rife used the modulated light at these high frequencies to deliver the required frequency to the problem area . For example 326 Hz to remove the calcification you have just read about from the German clinic .

However there is evidence that light in the specific relevant narrow band can control and regress A.S
The Drugs industry is huge and is in turn an off shoot of 'big oil' Rockefeller founded the AMA , The BMA (and all the other MA's) They in turn dictate what Doctors can and can't do . How ever well meaning . some countries are a little more 'flexible' than others . Germany comes to mind as you have just read.
Mexico , Turkey and China come to mind . However you'd better believe the Drugs 'industry' and its unwilling puppets are not going to promote anything that costs buttons . I cant promote anything - that would be illegal . still I would ask you to read this third patch - very carefully, If the figures are true they are astonishing . for a thing thats the price of one meal out somewhere.
I had to read this . once then twice and a third time because the effects seem beyond comprehension I suggest you do the same.

So probably your Dr, hospital , clinic will have nothing to do with you , or this treatment . As in Germany they would rather try and deny whats occurring in front of them - 'Its chronic end of story'
Folks - Its a lamp ! The good people in Mexico give us the spectrum - 425nm - 650nm - Its not hard to find . despite the medical profession denying frequencies do anything at all , They have the temerity to use them as and when it suits. to heal bones for instance. of cure jaundice in young Babies.
The tubes at the required frequency are made . They are cheap but you may have trouble buying one
but its not impossible .
Here is the tube that matches the spectrum used in the Mexico clinical trial .

How much ?? I looked it up on ebay , Item 112872800220 - 4 .99 Euro admittedly a bit of postage as its coming from Germany but as I can't buy in the UK I don't care.
The rest is simple - its a 2 ft - 20 Watt florescent light just like any other , buy one and change the tube . or buy the bits . Ballast ebay item 162991568493
any half competent electrician can put that together for you in a few hours if your not happy doing it your self.
of course far be it for me to suggest you do any such thing ! - Its not allowed ! I just assume your big boys and girls and can paddle your own boats and make your own decisions. I have lifted the lid off a big can of worms here. I look forward to your views

My very kindest regards to you all Duncan whistle

#518633 - 04/26/18 10:24 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
So My little bedrooms like frankinstines Lab - If my old Ma was to come back there would be trouble! broken old computer and desk dragged out of the shed ! signal generators and function generators
bits of spooky Rife gear.

And just to add insult to injury have a look at my new bed partner - She'll even give you a flash I dare say . I've had better in my bed - ah but right now It might be just whats required.

Thats delivering the all important 326 HZ - Inside those pulses
well - we'll see ! My little trial with it seems -so far so good
Kind regards Duncan

Edited by Duncan (04/26/18 10:26 AM)

#518634 - 04/26/18 01:16 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
L33 Offline

Registered: 07/17/13
Posts: 152
Loc: South Africa
Greetings Duncan

You are doing a good service to All of us here at KickAS.... I say so because I never before heard of devices which could reverse calsification. From my experiences I believe any thing is possible. I do especially beleive in the power of light. The reason I am saying so is because if you google the statistics of where AS is prevalent.

You will see that the statisics show that A.S is more common in colder countries than in warmer countries i.e countries where there is less SUNSHINE.

So the Sun and light does make a difference in this disease. Appart from just giving you vitamin D.

With the right frequency I also believe it is possible to vibrate calcium and remove calcification in early stages, not sure about complete fusion.

Your room looks like my room when I was building my Guitar Valve(tube) amp.

I will be following with great interest.

Keep up the good work...

HLA B27+
Have AS since the age of 13.
Diagnosed in 2005 at the age of 22

#518637 - 04/27/18 12:25 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
I so wish I could write for you - Its all suddenly gone away , I can't ,not yet at least. I dont really know how to apply the tube to myself. and I'm not certain of the computer settings . The German example used two major frequencies and I have learn to program the second one.I start to understand why these clinical studies have placebo's and blinds , I so much want it to be - I could so easily imagine. (so could you)
Keeping that in mind I'll be as objective as I can. I normally sleep curled up a little facing all that (temporary I hope) electrical mess .
The high voltage cables feeding the plasma tube I fed under the pillows so the tube was behind me.
Initially quite a way behind me- flashing away doing its 326Hz thing.
Here we get to the human impatience thing - AS has had years if not many generations developing and adapting . Its living (we might not like that idea but it is !) . I want to see and expect action in a few hours ? just how silly is that ?
here's the paradox of one nitwit alone (me). anyway I started moving the tube closer - and closer until we were ' intimate' - me and the flasher .
Now I could feel something - That big ball gets warm , not hot but tepid perhaps thats what I was feeling . still what followed was 'odd' unpleasant and something I haven't really had before - The tops of both of my feet began to ache and punish me . almost a cramp in the tops of the feet (if you can imagine that) - I flexed my feet and gradually that unpleasantness retreated. you also know as an a pal and fellow AS sufferer that twang can go the other way .
I generally have a constant nagging pain about the hips these days when trying to sleep , That seemed reduced. I decided right or wrong to get intimate with 'Plasmy' right up against the base of my spine - If it were a builders '[*bleep*] crack' the center of this ball was right there!
now something started happening , Odd it may sound but suddenly things got comfortably warm . The nagging pain about the hips replaced with comfort . The biggest and unexpected effect was breath - I found I was suddenly taking great big gulps of air and relishing each one. fancy enjoying breathing - odd
As far as any objectivity is concerned I thought the morning would tell , I could compare it to other mornings after all.
Well it's turned out to be one of the better 'pick yourself out of the bed and walk' experiences but nothing 'extra special' you see here's that annoying word again - not - conclusive.
what is conclusive is its doing something I havent experienced before, I take that as a good sign.
when I move my arms - my backs cracking and popping - I hope thats a good sign too .
I don't want to get people excited when all might be my imagination - Its a thin long line and I don't have the nous to make any sort of medical assessment.
In a nut shell then - Its doing something , Its making changes , Its going to be my sleeping partner for a while until I know good or bad . - In due course I'll add the 'Mexico' lamp to the equation. I'll screw it to the wall you see at the left hand side of the bed .
I don't know if thats good or bad folks - Its just how it is . Oh I forgot to mention the early evening didn't start good anyway , I had to go out , now I don't know who thought up 'speed bumps' but It wasn't a A.S sufferer . One got me , trying to drive with that [*bleep*] twanging your string - oh great! and here's the next one! . . - folks I'm investigating not promising , so far I'm more than happy to continue . I'm thinking of writing to John white and ask for that frequency range used in Germany to be written and included in his programing -
blessings ! I'm going to see if I can mow a lawn now , Now there's a challenge for me (if you like!)
Kindest regards to you all Duncan

#518638 - 04/27/18 05:28 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
I now write 'indelicate' because I dont know why , or pretend to understand . my [*bleep*] (urine) has gone from dark yellowish which its been for some time - to clear. - I'm not sure what that means , my interest in urine is very fleeting - (including my own) however it might mean something to those who know about - urine, and . Its a change & so I note it - hope your not having dinner - regards D

Edited by Duncan (04/27/18 05:29 AM)

#518642 - 04/28/18 03:51 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]

As some A.S. medication can cause kidney/liver problems you are right to mention any change in the color of your urine. It is however probably nothing to worry about but something you should mention next time you see a doctor.

#518646 - 04/28/18 11:58 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
Hi Frederick - The change has IMHO been for the good. I'm trying very hard not to be over optimistic either with myself or anyone reading me . But - and thats a big BUT - things are changing quite fast for me . and I think for the better . as I wrote - I'm no Doctor . The pain situation has altered. what was that excruciating intense grab at the pain center (how ever that works) which seems in absolute control and could go - up through the gears , or subside, seemingly on a whim . has stopped .
Now whats replaced it isn't roses either Fred . Its a dull ache . Not intense , not piercing, not powerful (if you know what I mean) but never the less - There.
Over the years I've become a reluctant respecter of A.S - even though I didn't know its name. It ebbs and flows , Its quiet and it flairs up , Its a torment pure and simple!
At the moment Fred I'm starting to whisper very quietly to myself, I might ,Just might , have stumbled on one of keys that can unlock this condition .
Let me show you a very unimportant bit of overgrown scrub land that used to be ' a little garden'in an english Noth west town. - You'll see it's not a thing of beauty . but to me very significant .
I never ever thought in my dreams I'd cut this grass again . So Its not a great sight - It was a great effort for me so it might (again just might) be one of the most important bits of neglected garden your ever going to look at .

I managed to do that . Now I know pride comes before a fall , and that hack job doesn't look anything special - however I'm so proud of it . one of Adam's gardens couldn't look better! .
Things are getting better . (so far touch wood) in fact touch anything that might help !
Also - one of those very powerful things is starting to form - An idea . The easiest person to delude is myself - I can stand that ! still I wouldn't want to delude you reading me, so all I can say with certainty is - things are changing
My kindest regards to everyone reading me ( just say a little prayer that I might be right ) you know the twists and turns of AS as well me! - Duncan

Edited by Duncan (04/28/18 11:59 PM)

#518647 - 04/29/18 11:58 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
I am as most reading me know following an anti biotic program initially set out by Gabriel Martin in his book . I am staying faithful to that .
however that aside I have stopped all other Med's, I have some friends who have come to stay for the weekend , They like to walk .
Like wee willy winkey all around the town - upstairs and down .
To cut this short I couldn't keep up . - still I managed to 'get in the frame' Not much I know by a healthy persons standards but I was pleased to at least be 'part of' for a change .. If you are reading me you'll probably be far more interested in any progress and it's progress I'm starting to be loath to report on. I'm the best candidate but also the worst judge .
I want it to be - and I might be making it so (If that makes sense) still so far each day just a little better than the one before .
Getting out of bed in the morning and that first bit of moving - (you know where I'm at) still isn't easy its still an ordeal . But it's nothing like the ordeal it was two weeks ago or even two or three days ago.
I'm half waiting for that 'bite - the spasm that digs deep , It isn't there , perhaps if I provoked it ? but who's going to do that ?
I still dare not say - here's the silver bullet ! however do stay with me and hope as I do , because so far the barometer say's 'set fine'. now The idea - Ah yes the idea !
You have read of the Rife frequency being used in Germany and the stunning results , The same frequency I'm applying to myself.
You have also read I hope of the Mexico results with certain light wavelengths . - Mix the two in a simple cheap project anyone can build and try -- Now thats an idea -- Isn't it?
Certainly not really ready to go with this just yet but the idea is - use the medical tubes , but drive them with something like this

at 326hz of course and not necessarily with a battery . OK so its specific and aimed right at the heart of A.S . It needs a few willing participants and quite a bit of organization . honest reporting and patience but given the idea and theory is anyone else up for giving it a try ? When my tube arrives I'll start design work anyway although I welcome any contribution with open arms
Best wishes Duncan

#518651 - 05/01/18 12:56 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
again - It seems just a little bit easier this morning . usually I have to sit for half an hour or so before attempting the stroll to the kitchen . and the left turn into a hall way is a painful test.
This morning 10 mins sitting and the turn was easier. still stiff and a bit of grunting involved - but easier
I also abandoned any pretext of holding to a diet yesterday . toast,butter, scrambled egg , sausage for breakfast and lamb chops for tea.
There might be a price to pay for such action , but if there is its not come calling yet. for those following this proposed light project I now consider driving the tube 'modulation not with a 555 timer I have rather Just sent off for five of this ebay item
273107868051 I sumise - It can drive a high power MOSFET directly and give an adjustable and visable frequency adjustment.
I can't sell this thing with any claimes at all - The truth is I don't want to sell anything! If the benifit I'm experiancing is real and true I'd like other folks to know it too. Initially I'm going to try and make five of these things . and give four away to fellow sufferes on condition they accuratly report back here on this forum.
There's probably legal implications , I might have to send it as a partially built 'kit' - anyway whatever it takes.
I guess its easier if I can find folks here in the UK . The tube might present customs trouble. however initially anyone world wide who would like to PM me and help test - feel free
as always my kindest , and I hope your just a little better too

Edited by Duncan (05/01/18 12:59 AM)

#518664 - 05/02/18 10:58 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 80
Loc: Kendal UK
I did write such a long thing yesterday and decided not to publish . conjecture , false hopes , I don't want . I certainly don't want to broadcast such.
Parts of this operation are something of a gruesome history , pains and aches visit that I have known over the years say 'how -do' , and pass on. - odd - I remember you . was a hit record once (long ago)
So Far so good ! The Tube I shouldn't Be allowed has arrived - Its big and fat like tubes used to be !
I have other pressing issues to do, now I can move again, but rest assured I'll be on the Mexico project too, very soon - My kindest regards Duncan
PS - It crosses my mind that I need some sort of objective test I might use on myself to determine if what I feel is happening 'in truth' - I have no nurses or doctors , that are prepaired to help , - Marks on a wall ? what ? - suggestions that make sense to me (and everyone else) please. - D

Edited by Duncan (05/02/18 11:39 PM)

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