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#519093 - 10/10/18 06:46 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
The_Inflammator Offline

Registered: 06/27/11
Posts: 145
Loc: Northern Virginia
So I ended up purchasing the following light which arrived on Sunday:

Combined with a 20 dollar desk lamp and i am out 50 bucks for this wacky experiment. No harm done. I just hope i am using the right kind of light to match the experiment.

The changes to all the cytokine markers is pretty interesting in the article:

Cytokine | Basal | After 48 sessions

GM-CSF (ng / mL) 5.854 0.735
INF-γ (ng / mL) 33.192 67.611
IL-4 (ng / mL) 8.768 28.872
IL-6 (ng / mL) 15.534 4.108
IL-10 (ng / mL) 35.516 39.634
IL-12 (ng / mL) 12.209 12.209
MCAF (ng / mL) 213.187 195.698
TNF-α (ng / mL) 14.3204 5.357

Almost like it has a biologic type of effect on inflammation. I wonder if it would come with the same biologic side effects.

There are 2 other tests linked to in the article that show it having a dramatic effect on RA as well.

I want to keep it to 3 times a week but I ended up doing it Sunday and Monday. I held off yesterday and I will try again today. I haven't really noticed anything so far and the chest issue i am dealing with really flared up last night. I am guessing the effect would only build up after long term use. The trial was for 12 weeks after all.

I shine the light on my neck from about 1.5 feet away for 30 minutes in the early afternoon. I use eye protection before turning the light on. The light does not get very warm and there is no burning, redness, or any effect on my skin. All seems harmless.

I am currently on no other treatment or diet right now. My AS symptoms only recently just returned in July.

This is probably the craziest thing i have tried so far but wouldn't it be nice if it were this simple?

Edited by The_Inflammator (10/10/18 07:23 AM)

#519177 - 11/11/18 07:40 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Glassneck Offline

Registered: 02/22/18
Posts: 8
Loc: Northern Ontario, Canada
I found a few sources of the proper UVB medical light products. Seems like they help you produce Vit D which is of course exactly what we want.There are some excellent reviews for some of these products

Made In Canada

#519466 - 02/25/19 11:13 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
timjames Offline

Registered: 12/19/18
Posts: 1

This is another nice talk explaining the principles of rife

#519490 - 03/06/19 07:30 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 66
So folks - I haven't been up on the forum for some time - I have been been getting on with my life really .
As I wrote earlier the Rife equipment seemed to stop the all important pain in its tracks. (well took a few days)
But now being off all Meds and out of pain I simply went back to work.
Via the forum Tim who's writing about the effects of sound above - emailed me, Tim who is a GP himself and suffering with AS was interested in trying my Rife equipment on himself.
He intended driving across to my area and booking into a Hotel .
I wished so much I could have tried this Rife equipment before I bought it I decided to make it happen for Tim.
I'm sure those reading me who have stood to petrified to move in some supermarket car park somewhere understand how precious something is that can make it go away . I am loath to part with this equipment but I did so , I loaded it into my car and drove to Tims house . I resuscitated an old lap top so Tim could run it all. connected it up and gave Tim a few driving lessons.
Tim's been nuking his AS with Rife frequencies since last Wednesday - By Saturday he was happy to report -out of pain.
Feeling very rough though (Oooops my fault I'd forgotten to tell him to detox) When these frequencies devitalize pathogens the body has to purify the blood , - Poor Tim its like having the big daddy of all hangovers when you've had nothing to drink. (been there in spades Tim the function generator I first used couldn't 'detox)
written into the Spooky2 program files are a few frequency sets for AS there is also a frequency specific to calcification . 326 (which is in the audio band which goes some way to explaining why that works)
It seems its that calcification that causes the agony by interfering with the hairlike nerve endings involved in the spine area's.
you might have this visualized as solid bone - it seems it isn't I asked a surgeon who has operated on the condition - they use a little spoon and scoop up it like ice cream - yum yum yum
The Rife calcification frequency breaks it down with out surgery. (makes it even more watery if you like off it goes into the blood stream) out of pain what a joy.
I could actually feel it like a gentle warmth in the center of my spine - instead of pain , luxury!
It takes the calcium a long time to build up - and the Rife frequency quickly (relatively) breaks it down.
Will Tim be buying some of this Spooky equipment I think you'll find - you can bet the farm on it. he'll be saving his pocket money
He's going to run the equipment for a few more days and then I have some work for it with another member of my own family.
would I lend the equipment again it begs the question who to and where ? - Its a horrible feeling like I just lost my best friend when I look in the corner and its not there.
We need to work something out I feel . Buy this stuff as a forum and have some one (a GP preferably as I don't like porridge so I don't really want to go to jail ) take some sort of payment in escrow and move the equipment around AS sufferers so you can all feel this yourself.
So whats Tim connected to ? No direct connection

You see the plasma bulb ? (a Phanotron Tube) thats close to the spine its vibrating with a flash rate which is modulated.

There is then 5000 volt generator driving the tube. spooky plasma
Tim actually used spooky central - but same thing

two signal generators in one package driven by the computer program (one is running the flash rate and the other the modulation)

that in turn is being driven by a plug and play huge windows program.which is open sourced and free to use . would it work for everyone? Afraid I can't answer that I don't know anyone else with AS who's tried it. - so far its scored two out of two

kindest regards to everyone Duncan

#519491 - 03/06/19 07:54 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 66
for what its worth - I matched the frequency spectrum of the lamp specification given by the mexico clinic .
It is a lamp that's used to correct jaundice in new born babies Its a philips TL20W/52 . (I'm not finding it now perhaps Discontinued) -PS - fits a standard florescent fitting

Edited by Duncan (03/06/19 08:12 AM)

#519492 - 03/06/19 08:24 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 66
I guess there's a problem in so much at I started to throw everything at this pretty much at the same time . now I'm rid of the pain I can't say for certain sure what actually did it - antibiotics , Jaundice lamp , Rife machine's - either the spooky, or the function generator I made. - still just trying to help .
There's an answer in that potpourri somewhere. kind regards Duncan

#519494 - 03/07/19 07:53 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 66
Just a quick note to those trying to use LEDs, aquarium lights ,traffic lights and whatever else comes to hand - don't waste your time and money. The lamps I pointed at are made to medical specs - you wouldn't light your kitchen with a traffic light would you?

#519500 - 03/13/19 10:00 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
tvmanjon Online   content

Registered: 01/24/19
Posts: 1
Duncan I have been reading with great interest as I would think many are. Your success is inspiring. Where are you based out of?
Is Tim still in possession of the devices or have you retreived them. How did Tim make out? Did you explore PEMF also. Can you chat over the phone. I am very interested in this but would really like to talk first before making the investment if you wouldn't mind Thanks Jon

#519509 - 03/17/19 10:19 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: tvmanjon]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 66
Hi thanks for your post and inquiry sorry I'm a little late in replying I've been working away . I let Tim have and use the machinery for 10 days or so . He was then out of pain which is the blessing of this Rife equipment. Its fast -Like you Jon he wanted to know if its effective before making a big investment .
Tim had also bought himself the 'Jaundice lamp'which had also proved so devastatingly effective in the Mexico clinic trials .
However Tim didn't have the base fitting (Driver unit). I had to recover the Rife equipment not for myself but because my daughter is also Dependent on it to deal with cirrhosis.
I did have a spare lamp driver unit though so I let Tim have that whilst he orders some Rife equipment of his own.
John Merchant is also investing in Rife equipment so you'll perhaps get some feedback there too.
There is in the spooky2 Rife computer program the frequency (I guess I shouldn't use the word frequency because its really an impulse like sound a longitudinal wave.) specific to de-calcification
which gives us all the pain and aggravation . It has positive effects very quickly . Its the same frequency/pulse the Clinic in Germany cited 326 .
It is a considerable investment I understand and in that regard I'm working on a project that I hope to post very soon as a PDF .
In basic terms its a combination of the Jaundice lamp which proved so effective in turn driven by the spooky2 Rife computer program . Both as you know have been recorded as devastating AS.
I'm based in Kendal UK tvmanjon yeah sure by all means email me .
Its my plan to make the power of the lamp and Rife program specific to AS as a simple build project anywhere in the world for about US $200 . So keep an eye on the thread.I'ts my hope we can form a little group of some sort make this little bit of circuitry and so banish the effects of AS for ever. If you want to make a start Jon find yourself an old lap top and down load the full installation spooky2
Best wishes Duncan

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