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#519469 - 02/26/19 01:38 PM Any suggestions on my current diet?
Bazel Offline

Registered: 12/28/18
Posts: 11
Hello forum,

I wanted to give a quick update on how my diet looks right now, to see if I am still on the right track. I read all the replies to my last posts and made adjustments accordingly. Also wanted to add foods and wanted to check if it's a good idea.

Diet now:
courgette, spinach, cabbage, celery, eggs, lean meat, fish. 2 kiwis a day. I test everything.
ACV, GutPro Infant probiotic, Betaine HCL, bile acid factors, L-glutamine, vitamins, fish-oil (a good one). All tested for starch.

I am very hungry and still losing weight. I want to add: coconut flour and sauerkraut. (Maybe summer squash, but doesnt seem needed per se). Lost 22 pounds since i started, and I was already thin! Feel the coconut may help in weight, the sauerkraut in my messed up gut.

I am looking for a way to balance not eating too much stuff, but also eating enough to get my gut in order. My IBS is still mostly gone, the AS pain has not changed much.

What do you guys think of the additions? Also: any tips for vitamin-supplements that are available in the Netherlands? Not sure if mine are any good.

Thank you guys! You've been a lot of help.

P.S. This diet is hard work, geeze.


#519471 - 02/27/19 02:09 AM Re: Any suggestions on my current diet? [Re: Bazel]
iamhealth123 Online   content

Registered: 01/22/19
Posts: 31
Good job!

Remove eggs, kiwis, cabbage and courgette - tell yourself you'll only do this for 2 weeks. Include a little more fatty meats - chicken with the skin on. Include salt, get rid of any other spices. Do this for 2 weeks, if the pain goes down bring back one new meat or green at a time (Kale, bacon etc...) No supplements or test with iodine.
Diagnosed with AS 2018, MRI Sacroiliac joint: HLB27 +: uveitis
peripheral (hands, feet, jaw, knees)
LSD - 2018, NSD - 2019, AIP June 2018

"a laptop scientist and everyday researcher committed to health"

#519478 - 03/02/19 04:14 PM Re: Any suggestions on my current diet? [Re: Bazel]
Kellybells Offline

Registered: 01/21/17
Posts: 154
Loc: Toronto, ON
Nice work Bazel, this looks like a really good approach for a baseline diet. Keep in mind, a diet this strict isn't's about getting to a point of reduced pain so you know what its like before you try adding other foods back in.

In terms of fruit and veg, I ate all those foods except cabbage, so can attest to those having been good choices for me. Kiwi was a life saver for me...I ate it every day for 2 months, and it's in season right now. I was also fine with asparagus, artichokes, okra, onions and broccoli. Summer squash is basically courgette so should be fine. Winter squash should be avoided though.

Cabbage is a tricky one. It can be starchy but not always. I do find that of all the cruciferous veg, cabbage is the most likely to be starchy when I test with iodine, so you might want to consider that if your pain doesnt improve.

The only real concern with your diet is the lack of calories. I made up for the loss of high-calorie starch foods by increasing my fat intake. I chose higher fat cuts of meat, only ate fatty fish like salmon, and used plenty of olive oil and butter on my veg. My preferred meats are those that are also high in connective tissue (ribs, shanks, shoulders, blade, etc.) because the gelatin is very good for joints.

I also relied heavily on coconut milk, like in soups and smoothies (see the soup recipe in the recipe section). Coconut milk is very high in calories and a great solution if you believe animal fats are unhealthy.

I don't know if coconut flour is risky - it wasn't something I was willing to try early on.

Hang in there! The diet is hard for the first little while as you figure out what you can/can't eat. It really does get better from there, and it's really worth it.
Suspected SpA. HLA B27, xray, u/sound, blood tests all -ve. Ancient history of plantar fasciitis, SI joint pain, knee arthritis. Recent history of tendinitis, neck pain, debilitating finger pain and stiffness (especially mornings). No diagnosis, no meds.

2010 - stopped eating dairy
2012 - stopped eating wheat
2014 - stopped eating all grains
Jan 2017 - discovered NSD - 98% improvement in symptoms, continually amazed by my results, wish I'd found kickAS sooner


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