My partner replaced her pain killers with THC/CBD vaping oil several months ago, she suffers from R.Arthritis. We have been together 7yrs now and up to a few months ago her chronic pain got worse, with sleepless nights the norm. Through a friend we were recommended these guys mypainaway co uk. They were very helpful 'Putting us in the picture' about THC combined with CBD. My partner got relieved within 15-20mins of first trying this oil, now she vapes 2-3 times before she sleeps, it's no big deal. Today still she has NO pain, NO flare-ups, and the pain killers which really didn't work or agree with her and in the bin. We are so grateful to these guys their 'robin hoods' for sufferers and their cost for the oil are very very charitable indeed, my partner pays £15 for 3ml which lasts her approx 2 months. She lives a completely normal life now. So if you suffer pain, do the same as us.

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