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#519198 - 11/17/18 01:07 AM Fasting or intermittent fasting for AS, advice
BarbaraCF Offline

Registered: 10/21/18
Posts: 4
My 12 year old has AS, right now left SI joint erosion and pain. She was on Low/amost no Starch Diet for 6 weeks, pain the same, even right SI joint has pain. As of Oct, her CRP is negative, ESR is 17. A Test last week found out she is deficient in Vitamin D, so Naturapeth is giving her 5000IU twice a say for these 2 weeks and then once a week. She did GI Map (FDA approved) Stool text, has overgrowth of K.P, and Zonulin high means leaky gut. After herbs killing KP for 6 weeks, She now starts taking L-Glutamine and another supplement for leaky gut with fish oil and Curcurmin. She is eating a lot of meat since on Low Starch Diet, so I start giving her digestive enzyme this week because I think the undigested protein is not good for her inflammation. I read that Fasting for 3-5 days can bring her pain down to almost zero. Can anyone advise or guide us. Thanks. Barb

#519199 - 11/17/18 10:33 AM Re: Fasting or intermittent fasting for AS, advice [Re: BarbaraCF]
Cymro Offline

Registered: 11/01/18
Posts: 55
Originally Posted By BarbaraCF

Can anyone advise or guide us.

It was at the age of twelve that I first showed signs of A.S. This information is probably of no use to you and as I don't believe in any sort of special diet for A.S. I will just wish you and your daughter all the best for the future.

#519200 - 11/18/18 10:05 AM Re: Fasting or intermittent fasting for AS, advice [Re: BarbaraCF]
mulehound Offline

Registered: 04/27/09
Posts: 693
Loc: USA state of Utah
Yes it can help, but for someone twelve years old it can be tough. I would recommend a Apple fast along with evoo. I know that as I was getting a handle on this disease Apple fast would bring me back as I was figuring out the diet. When I first started I was fatigued tired and weak. But after three months of so I started feeling better. I was declared in remission by head rheumatologist at the university of Utah. I just went through a rough patch and have had two MRI's. Though unrelated my spine shows no disease progression. Yes the diet works for me. My personal family doctor is a believer now. I also use to live at the allergy doctor, no more allergies gone. John the dragon slayer is the one to really help you with the diet. Best of luck Darrel.

#519201 - 11/19/18 06:35 AM Re: Fasting or intermittent fasting for AS, advice [Re: mulehound]
Cymro Offline

Registered: 11/01/18
Posts: 55
Originally Posted By mulehound
Yes it can help,

Well there you are then if it works for you then go for it. One good thing about such alternative treatment it is very unlikely to do you any harm and that is more than I can say about so called conventional medicine.

#519208 - 11/22/18 06:28 AM Re: Fasting or intermittent fasting for AS, advice [Re: Cymro]
Dotyisle Offline

Registered: 03/07/02
Posts: 9422
Loc: Rosario, Argentina
When I still lived in the States I would do the 3 day apple fast (Edgar Cayce) a few times a year and it helped me for my AS. Dragon Slayer introducted me to that protocol here 15+ years ago.

Now with family find it difficult to devote 3 days to a fast and typically fast every Friday.

My recommendation, read up on fasting before doing one, limit to a few days with first one. My first 3 day apple fast I had headaches and some aches from toxins cleaning out of system.

AS may win some battles, but I will win the war.

KONK - Keep ON Kicking

#519219 - 11/23/18 10:53 AM Re: Fasting or intermittent fasting for AS, advice [Re: BarbaraCF]
sexyAS Offline

Registered: 12/11/17
Posts: 11
Loc: Canada UK USA
You sound like you are doing all the right things. Are you using pineapple enzymes (Cox 2 Inhibitor) for the digestive enzymes you mentioned?

I don't think fasting is absolutely needed. You have to have a goal in mind. I do occasionally fast and eat nothing but concord purple grapes.

I am vitamin D deficient because of this AS and major event that happened to me. I also take fish oil, but they have proven that anything less than 4.55 a day would not yield a slower progression of the disease. This would be equivalent to two meals a day being nothing but fish. I choose to take fish oil in the bottle with a high EPA in the servings.

I would suggest increasing fish oil to the proven amount. It's common for people to only take about 1-2 most per day which is not enough.
Don't confuse movement with actions.


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