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#519179 - 11/12/18 01:25 PM Moon: Lunar cycle and symptom changes
Robin_H Offline

Registered: 09/13/15
Posts: 292
Loc: Central Canada
Do you notice an increase in symptoms as either full or new moon approaches? If you already have a symptom journal and sometimes can not explain spikes in symptoms even though you avoided foods and other habits that trigger symptom spikes then perhaps see whereabouts the moon cycle was at those spikes.

Roughly 50% of people that have Lyme Disease (LD) report an increase in symptoms just a few days before full and new moon.

The theory that most convinces me as an explanation is that due to the immune system suppression that the primary infections of LD (and other stealth infections) cause then roughly 50% of the people also have parasites that change their activity according to the changes in the earth's electromagnetism. That electromagnetism change is caused by how the moon alters the flow of the solar wind that the earth is inside.

Lunar biological effects and the magnetosphere,
Michael Bevington
HLA-B27 neg, vague AS symptoms in 20s and early 30s
1993:fibromyalgia (age 25)
2013.07:Reverse blockage in a SCUBA accident
2013.08:Scratched by a sick cat
2013.09:Strange sore throat then meningitis
2014:Chronic inflammation at the base of the skull
2014 to early 2015:excess NSAID use developed complete axial inflammation, included psoriasis
NSD helped well and but was not perfect
2018.07: weak +'ve tests for borrelia, babesia, bartonella and mycoplasma pneumonia using Armin Lab, ANA=equivocal

#519180 - 11/12/18 01:26 PM Re: Moon: Lunar cycle and symptom changes [Re: Robin_H]
Robin_H Offline

Registered: 09/13/15
Posts: 292
Loc: Central Canada
So!... What's your sign???? HAHA!!!!

#519181 - 11/13/18 05:20 AM Re: Moon: Lunar cycle and symptom changes [Re: Robin_H]
Cymro Offline

Registered: 11/01/18
Posts: 55
This is not the sort of thing I would usually believe but with A.S. flare ups being such a mystery perhaps this needs some sort of medical survey to look in to it more. There is no doubt that the moon does affect all sort of things. They don't call the insane lunatics for no reason.

#519231 - 11/27/18 06:58 PM Re: Moon: Lunar cycle and symptom changes [Re: Robin_H]
Glassneck Offline

Registered: 02/22/18
Posts: 8
Loc: Northern Ontario, Canada
Been reading plenty about parasites such as worms and flukes. They seem to peak activity around the full moon.


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