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#519093 - 10/10/18 06:46 AM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
The_Inflammator Offline

Registered: 06/27/11
Posts: 145
Loc: Northern Virginia
So I ended up purchasing the following light which arrived on Sunday:

Combined with a 20 dollar desk lamp and i am out 50 bucks for this wacky experiment. No harm done. I just hope i am using the right kind of light to match the experiment.

The changes to all the cytokine markers is pretty interesting in the article:

Cytokine | Basal | After 48 sessions

GM-CSF (ng / mL) 5.854 0.735
INF-γ (ng / mL) 33.192 67.611
IL-4 (ng / mL) 8.768 28.872
IL-6 (ng / mL) 15.534 4.108
IL-10 (ng / mL) 35.516 39.634
IL-12 (ng / mL) 12.209 12.209
MCAF (ng / mL) 213.187 195.698
TNF-α (ng / mL) 14.3204 5.357

Almost like it has a biologic type of effect on inflammation. I wonder if it would come with the same biologic side effects.

There are 2 other tests linked to in the article that show it having a dramatic effect on RA as well.

I want to keep it to 3 times a week but I ended up doing it Sunday and Monday. I held off yesterday and I will try again today. I haven't really noticed anything so far and the chest issue i am dealing with really flared up last night. I am guessing the effect would only build up after long term use. The trial was for 12 weeks after all.

I shine the light on my neck from about 1.5 feet away for 30 minutes in the early afternoon. I use eye protection before turning the light on. The light does not get very warm and there is no burning, redness, or any effect on my skin. All seems harmless.

I am currently on no other treatment or diet right now. My AS symptoms only recently just returned in July.

This is probably the craziest thing i have tried so far but wouldn't it be nice if it were this simple?

Edited by The_Inflammator (10/10/18 07:23 AM)

#519177 - 11/11/18 07:40 PM Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S [Re: Duncan]
Glassneck Offline

Registered: 02/22/18
Posts: 8
Loc: Northern Ontario, Canada
I found a few sources of the proper UVB medical light products. Seems like they help you produce Vit D which is of course exactly what we want.There are some excellent reviews for some of these products

Made In Canada

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