Member poll-Top (1) Biologic MED NAME only- 4 AS/ ModerateSpondylosis/DDD

From YOUR OWN personal experience, if you were to have to name your most effective,current top (1) Biologic medications for a" NON HLB-27 antigen patient", 57 yrs of age, 28 years into the battle, what would it be, in 5 words or less ?

I don’t have the discipline or resources to maintain strict starch related diet regimens. This is important for me right now. Thanks Most Kindly for your assistance ! Brian Smith in N Vanc, BC, Can

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Yours in the Battle
Brian in Vanc

Remicade IV- /6 weeks
Arthrotec- 50/200mcg
Oxycodone- 40-60 mgs/day
Tegretol- 400mgs 2x/day
Amitriptyline- 150mgs@bed
Lipitor- 10mgs/day
HRT Therapy