Histological Osteoarthritic Changes in the Human Cervical Spine Facet Joints Related to Age and Sex

Conclusion. Using semiquantitative histological methods, degenerative findings were observed at all spinal levels involving the articular cartilage and the osseous structures of the cervical spine facet joints similar to those observed in larger weight-bearing joints. In particular, the thickening of the calcified cartilage and the subchondral bone identified the osteocartilaginous junction as an important area in osteoarthritis. These findings may be relevant for the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis.

(snip...) "The degenerative changes identified in the relatively small cervical spine facet joints were similar to those observed in larger weight bearing joints. The findings support the opinion that OA consists of a progressive whole-joint failure in which several articular structures, including the hyaline cartilage and in particular the osteocartilaginous junction, undergo deterioration through a complex degenerative process."


This is a big paper. Recent publication. Am just diving into it...

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