Hi there, hope anyone reading this is doing ok. I’ve been gone from here for a while and in the break I started a job. Some people were awful about me moving a bit slower there then I changed jobs in the same place to allow more sitting but that was an issue too with a flare summer 2017 when I started on prednisone and Celebrex. My husband took a job in Boston with the benefit of being closer to good Dr’s, not same as I had but smart at MGH. I went on disability in October thinking it would be a quick jump to Cuvitru then Stelera but it’s been slow. I started Cuvitru in January for low immune numbers and then started Stelera in April, I’ve had the first 2 Stelera at week 1 & 4 but I don’t feel any better. Dr said it might take 20 weeks frown the prednisone was good but the constant tears and cognitive issues plus blood pressure issues made me lower the dose plus cut the Celebrex in 1/2 due to blood pressure issues. Dr didn’t really fight me, guess he understood my worries. So I miss working and I’m having interviews but things hurt so much most of the time. Anyway does anyone have any experience with these medicines and can give some encouragement on how long until they felt anything - I suppose I was just hoping for a magic bullet but anything positive would be great at this point.