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#518592 - 04/21/18 11:09 PM Re: How I cured my AS [Re: AndyJ]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 61
Well much of a muchness- High voltage along the spine at 326 Hz . Things are changing but its oh so very slowly (or it seems to be) Still no pain in the morning if I move with a little care.
Still If I told you I've suddenly turned into a gazelle that would be a total lie - There is calcification after all, there is stiffness . Its took years to develop And if I were to expect it leave me overnight - I can think again!
The regime continues. - Azithromycin has also joined the contest Just as an aside - The cold symptoms in the morning are becomming more pronounced . runing nose ,sneezing - The fight goes on - kindest regards Duncan

Edited by Duncan (04/21/18 11:11 PM)

#518614 - 04/24/18 02:32 AM Re: How I cured my AS [Re: AndyJ]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 61
Good news - The High frequency high voltage carrier wave and Phanotron driver have arrived in the country. along with the Phanotron itself .
Birmingham seems a long way away - but Its a lot closer than China and at least the box has finally arrived on the tracking radar.
for those interested in the theory -- calcification is the thing I'm after hitting. There is an effect called 'cognitive resonance' by some and by others ' sympathetic resonance' Heres a wine glass being shattered by 'sympathetic resonance'

Now understand this - in his time - Royal Raymond Rife identified thousands of frequencies that destroyed pathogens and viruses - just like that.
Watch his life story about half way down this web page if you want , Its probably the most important 2 hours odd of video you'll ever watch I.M.H.O . we - us - all of us,(humanity) by omission let this technology be killed off'
Rife life story
Then we get to a bit of my 'home spinning' Its calcification that's our biggest offender . Its de-calcification I'm after. - To do the impossible , reverse what the medico's say is impossible.
This is for sure - If your convinced its impossible it will be!.
You have just watched a glass shattered by direct frequency interaction . What of calcium in your spinal area ? What frequency ? how to get through the skin to the bone ?
The very hardest thing , The frequency - Its been done tried and tested - 326 Hz . I don't know who did that, Rife I presume.
To deliver it effectively there's the problem . I have been using high voltage pulsing at 326 Hz Its working (I think) but slow and awkward . The current is doing what current does -It is taking the easiest route - The surface .
Just a small portion of the current is effecting the calcium build up. allow me to introduce you to an electrical term - To Heterodyne - To mix frequencies . A deal of work was done in the area by a French punter Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier , (When he wasn't busy chopping heads off with madam - la guillotine that is) .

A radio wave will travel easily through most things and certainly the human body . 326 Hz not so easily .
The answer make an envelope of one frequency to carry the other. like sending a letter . given two frequencies F1 and F2 Fourier in his 'transforms' tells us you end up with - F1 , F2 , (F1 + F2 ) and (F1 - F2) Here then is why Rife used a Phanotron and why I'm going to as well . I Beleive its going to let me put the coal on the fire instead of scattering it around the hearth .
kindest Regards Duncan

Edited by Duncan (04/24/18 02:34 AM)

#518704 - 05/13/18 04:46 PM Re: How I cured my AS [Re: AndyJ]
JohnD1791 Offline

Registered: 05/07/18
Posts: 2
Hi Andy

Mind if I picked your brain sometime soon?

I’m in Melbourne and could really do with some advice on where you source your products.

Been struggling allot lately and resisting going down the path of relying on conventional meds. Just been taking Naprosyn just to get through work.

I hope you get this message.


#518705 - 05/14/18 12:30 AM Re: How I cured my AS [Re: AndyJ]
AndyJ Offline

Registered: 06/04/15
Posts: 25
Loc: Queensland, Australia
Hi John,

Sorry, I haven't logged onto this site in a while, I don't get notified when there is a new post. I probably got to check the settings. What products were you after?


#518708 - 05/14/18 04:50 AM Re: How I cured my AS [Re: AndyJ]

Originally Posted By AndyJ
Hi Duncan,

I have helped people cure their cancer in a month without costing a dime,

Hitler was a hero,

The holocaust never happened.

The Bible is very clear that God heals his children

I have witnessed many people healed instantly from conditions,


This must be the biggest load of rubbish ever written on an Internet Forum ever. I have been criticised for being offensive on this Forum in the past but you have offended more people in this one posting than anyone ever offended.

Your comments about "curing cancer" and religion are bad enough but what you say about "Hitler being hero and that the holocaust never happened" are just outrageous. Much too outrageous for me to waste my time arguing with you about such lies that slander a whole nation and those who died at the hands of Hitler.

You should be thoroughly ashamed of writing such drivel and I think the Forum administrators should delete your comments immediately.

#518709 - 05/14/18 05:09 AM Re: How I cured my AS [Re: AndyJ]

My posting above is in answer to something an AndyJ from Queensland in Australia made in an earlier post. I wonder if Andy has any regard to all those from Australia who died fighting against Hitler and all he stood for during the last World War. Most of all I wonder what Australian ex servicemen think of his remarks. Andys comments make me so mad that I must refrain from writing any more about this

#518713 - 05/15/18 02:01 AM Re: How I cured my AS [Re: AndyJ]
Duncan Offline

Registered: 03/29/18
Posts: 61
for the moment and I dare say for a little while - I'm struck dumb

#518714 - 05/15/18 04:56 AM Re: How I cured my AS [Re: Duncan]

Originally Posted By Duncan
for the moment and I dare say for a little while - I'm struck dumb

Don't let yourself be stuck dumb just say what you think of AndyJ post. I assume you don't agree with him so let him know that.

#518716 - 05/15/18 10:41 PM Re: How I cured my AS [Re: AndyJ]
AndyJ Offline

Registered: 06/04/15
Posts: 25
Loc: Queensland, Australia
"History is written by the victors" - Winston Churchill

Instead of being dumb struck, why don't you do some research? In Australia the Government and Main Stream Media (MSM) spends a lot of money on conditioning the minds of the gullible. They do not tell you that most wars in the last 200 years are over power and control by a group I am happy to call the Establishment for now, they tell you we need to be fighting in other countries to stop terrorists. We are the terrorists. They are not in Australia attacking us.

For years Australian's were sold the lie that our soldiers are assisting Syria and the US in fighting ISIS. Eventually they were exposed and we discovered the CIA actually created ISIS and was training and arming them to lead their Regime Change Agenda as they didn't like Assad. Now there is no talk about ISIS anymore, it's all about how Assad keeps attacking his own people with chemical weapons. I guess you believe that also? smile

Anyway, what I am trying to point out, there are those who do not trust the Government and MSM and do their own research and there are those who believe anything they are told.

Please do not comment any further until you have researched the matters I mentioned extensively as I have. How did I cure myself? Not by believing anything what main stream medicine told me, but by digging and digging. I came across a lot of rubbish which I filtered out. I discovered a lot of corruption and found the medical industry is driven by money and has nothing to do with health.

I remember telling an old flatmate 15yrs ago there is no such thing as Climate Change. He laughed at me and thought I was nuts, but then went away to do some research. Later he came back and apologized and started sharing all his eye opening research he discovered.

#518717 - 05/16/18 03:05 AM Re: How I cured my AS [Re: AndyJ]
JohnD1791 Offline

Registered: 05/07/18
Posts: 2
Actually I’m after more of a life plan. Trying to not give into conventional medicine. Would you mind if we make contact via email?

Basically I’m time poor as I a a full time job and gave no choice to continue working as I have a young family and mortgage.

Need the to-the-point facts, products , suppliers etc. so that I can fight AS while working.

Not real good at navigating on this forum and a fluke I found your reply. My email

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