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#518387 - 03/09/18 10:50 AM AS and lung function
saltire Offline

Registered: 05/29/10
Posts: 769
Loc: Scotland

it's been a while.....

I just recently had a respiratory function test ( I'm 63 now) and it looks like the DX is gonna be type 2 COPD (moderate)

I have googled all this stuff now and understand how the test works but would this test not prove difficult in the first place with someone who has had AS for many years c/w greatly reduced chest expansion capabilities and a moderate scoliosis?

Would my ability to complete this test to a satisfactory level not be reduced by the AS whether or not I had COPD?

I guess some of you long termers have some breathing issues with your AS,yeah?

Hope you are all well smile

#518391 - 03/10/18 09:40 AM Re: AS and lung function [Re: saltire]
Frederick Offline

Registered: 03/28/06
Posts: 259
Many A.S. patients do suffer from a reduced chest expansion due to the ribs not expanding as they should but this is not be always the case. As with most A.S. symptoms what affects some does not affect us all.

If whoever is doing your COPD test has any experience of A.S. then they should know enough to take the condition of your A.S. in to account when they test you.

I dare say that most of you will have heard this before but it is because of various chest problems especially latter in life that is is so important that we do at least some chest exercises every day.
I take it for granted that you have all stopped smoking.

#518396 - 03/11/18 04:36 AM Re: AS and lung function [Re: saltire]
Robin_H Offline

Registered: 09/13/15
Posts: 253
Loc: Hubei, China
When I was 42 my GP that is also a pulmonologist decided to simply throw in respiratory tests during a full physical. He told me I had asthma and prescribed an inhaler.

I never wheeze and never feel the type of bronchial constriction that an asthmatic would have. I tried the inhaler as instructed and found no difference. I chucked it!

I suspect he misinterpreted my inability to either fully expand or compress my chest due to the chronic inflammation in the enthisis of my thoracic vertebra. Similarly I was aware that my speed to expel air was slow and that I could not fully expel air. At that time (seven years ago) I never had any notion of what AS was nor any serious spinal inflammation and pain.

I don't know how COPD is diagnosed. I would think by an X-ray or a CT scan (that has 200x more radiation) to see damage from the inflammation.

I quit smoking when I was 20 years old after eight years of smoking. I don't plan to get old but I can tell that mother nature has her own plans right now.

I am doubting that I have AS but actually have Lyme or mould illness. Both can cause spinal inflammation. I am investigating a route to testing for Lyme/Babesia/mould or anything that masquerades as Lyme.
HLA-B27 neg; Mis-diagnosed with fibromyalgia in mid-20s.
Vague AS symptoms in 20s and early 30s (no diagnosis).
During age 47 (2015) from NSAID use developed complete axial inflammation (started from from skull and progressed down to sacrum). Included psoriasis. Trigger in scull was reverse blockage in a SCUBA mishap in 2013. Straw that broke the camels back was over use of NSAIDs. NSD works well but not perfect. Strong involvement between symptoms and gut integrity.

#518399 - 03/11/18 08:32 AM Re: AS and lung function [Re: saltire]
Smed Offline

Registered: 09/05/01
Posts: 938
In stead of breathing in and out practice breathing up and down to increase lung capacity. My ribs are fused but I have good lung capacity by using this technique.

#518400 - 03/11/18 10:16 AM Re: AS and lung function [Re: saltire]
saltire Offline

Registered: 05/29/10
Posts: 769
Loc: Scotland

"If whoever is doing your COPD test has any experience of A.S. then they should know enough to take the condition of your A.S. in to account when they test you."

^ Yeah, this is what I was thinkin'.....

thanks all :


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